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How to play:


  • - Download the client which is supported on Windows & Mac !
  • - Login with any username and password and it will be auto registered. Note: If it says invalid password that means you need to change the username because it could be taken by someone else.

    EXP Rates

  • - We have 350x OSRS Xp Rates / You can choose between different classes (Normal / Ironman / Hardcore Ironman / Pure / Hybrid / Skiller)

    Teleporting everywhere

  • - You can teleport to all places on game by clicking on the world map icon on game, or by clicking the "W" teleport in your spellbook.


  • - Shops are located in market place. You can type ::shops to teleport to shops.

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Unique Features

  • Events

    We want to make sure that you are having a good time!

  • Complete Slayer System

    All Slayer Masters, over 100 assignments, reward shop, top scores and more!

    A fan favorite skill, Slayer was recently reworked so that every slayer master is now useable. Choose from one of the 6 different masters that will give you a creature to slay; there are over 100 different monsters that can be assigned so you never know what your next task will be! Slayer rings, slayer helmets, working rewards shop, cancel tasks, and much more at your disposal to create a replica of the Runescape Slayer feel.

  • Iron Man Mode

    Iron Man Mode and Hardcore Iron Man Mode is available!

  • Countless Tasks

    There are over 80 tasks available. We dare you to complete them all!

    Completionist Capes are a must in every server, and Grinderscape is no different. We offer a Comp Cape for those who are maxed in levels, and have completed at least 77 of our 82 unique tasks in order to achieve the prestigious cape. With tasks ranging from killing upwards of 30 General Graardor, to PVP tasks, to completing a set amount of Castle War games. Show your dedication by earning yourself a Comp Cape!

  • Unique Systems

    Customize your items and collect bones easily with a bonesack!

    Most servers offer a wide range of items, here at Grinderscape we take items one step further. We have fully customizable Partyhats, Santa hats, even Halloween masks are customizable. We also offer colored Ancient Staffs which can be earned from voting, colored Staff of Lights, fully functioning Completionist Cape and Max Capes, working Bonesack, Charm Collector, Bonecrusher, and a very unique way to convert the item graphics from oldschool and a newer model.

  • Boss Pets

    Kill a lot of bosses and obtain one of the many available Boss Pets!

    Unique to only a few servers Boss Pets can be obtained by killing any of our numerous bosses. Some of the Boss Pets you can obtain are: Mutant Tarn, Dark Beast, Metal (Bronze, Iron, Steel, Mithril) Dragons, God War Bosses, Tormented Demons, and much more! These Boss Pets are very rare and are highly regarded as the hardest drop to get in-game. No doubt having a companion such as one of them tag along with you on your Grinderscape career will cause players to stop and stare.

  • Voting Rewards

    We really appreciate it when you vote for us, so we will reward you for that, with good rewards.

    Voting for Grinderscape is huge and can earn some awesome rewards! By voting for the server you earn yourself voting points, which can be used at the voting shop to earn some of the most expensive items in game! You also have a chance of earning rare rewards; some of the rewards that can be earned are Dicing credits that can be used at our unique Dicing area. Donor points which you can spend at our shops. You will also be entered into the Voting Lottery which draws every 12 hours for the best rare items in game. And to top it all off, you will have a chance at winning the biggest prize of 50,000 donor points, which translates into Super Donor, Dicer Rank, or blowing it all at the shop earning yourself billions of coins.


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