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Welcome to Grinderscape

Start your journey today! From our detailed sklling to our perfect combat system that matches the smallest details you can imagine. OSRS trading allowed, staking, and active gambling zone with 5 different modes including Blackjack!

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Hello everyone, 

Happy Easter! We hope that everyone enjoys this holiday weekend spending time with their family, friends and loved ones. To show our appreciation, we are doing a big giveaway for all of you. We are giving away a grey ankou set to 1 lucky winner. Make sure to sign up on our discord in the giveaways section.


In addition, we have also just released a new update today



Bugs and Fixes:

- Minigame initial rewards dropped to 10,000 Blood money instead of 50,000 while instead of getting 10,000 extra Blood money per player it's now 12,500 which means 135k BM with 10 players and 60k with 4 players, respectively.

- Charged items now move their charges when being transferred to another item (Ex. Magma Helm).

- Fixed looting bag item depositing.

- Cannon will now ignore poison effects and ammunition effects.

- Anti botting events will no longer occur during a minigame under certain circumstances.

- You now face items when picking them properly.

- Fixed broken skull mechanics that were reported by players.

- Fixed some broken items costing a lot of Blood money for repairs.

- You can now pick up all s


Bugs and Fixes:

- Fixed an issue with doors where one can use it while other player is using it.

- Fixed Warrior's guild Minigame doors entrance.

- Fixed God wars boss chambers, and fixed the interface while in the chambers.

- You can now use Anguish ornament kit with the necklace from the participaion points store.

- Fixed an issue where you could get stuck if you were teleblocked while using an obelisk.

- Fixed Mining guild/Dwarves mine doors.

- Reworked and improved the items on death mechanics.

- Fixed the max hit calculation formula for Snapshot, Powershot, Soulshot, Chainhit, and Ogre bows.

- Fixed a bug with password changer allowing certain characters to be used.

- You can no longer enter the Minigames in Edgeville while the server is being updated.

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