1. How do I start playing?

To start playing you must first download the game client.

  • The client is supported on both Windows & Mac operating sytems.
  • If you are having any troubles playing simply refer to our guide below, or contact us. Posting on Discord about the problem can be the best option.
  • You don't need to register to play, simply login with any username and password. Note if it says invalid username or password then that means the username is already taken by someone else so try using something else. Once your logged in, the account will be created based on the username and password you login with.
2. How do I make money on game?


Money making is the most relevant way to getting anywhere in-game. Such as getting gear, food, potions, skilling materials, basically anything that will advance you to the next stage of the game. There are many ways to make cash reliably and dangerously but both do come out with there own type of rewards. This guide will show you exactly how to do that.


Donating is one of the easiest ways of becoming a wealthy Grindescape player. You may visit the store for Premium Points and buy items from the Premium Point store in-game. For more information about Premium Points go here. To use the store to grinderscape you will need a PayPal account that is linked to a credit or debit card. Once that is done, head over to this page, from which you can choose how many Premium Points or which status you wish to buy, and simply follow the directions given on the page.


By voting daily (every 12 hours), you don't only help the server, but also yourself. Every time you vote for our server, you are rewarded with:

  • A chance to receive a rare item when redeeming your vote
  • 12 Voting Points you can use to buy valuable items with
  • A chance to get something from the activity rewards.
  • Every so often you will hit a voting streak which can give you different benefits, and the last one is 5k premium points.
  • Every time you vote you automatically get put into the voting lottery which is drawn every 12 hours.
  • Talk to Akrisae at home to find out about every vote streak reward.

While voting, please keep the following rules in mind:

  • You may only vote every 12 hours.
  • Using a proxy/VPN is allowed.
  • Do not close the voting page until you have completely finished voting.

For more info on voting, click here.


Dicing here at Grinderscape is a form of gambling. It can earn you huge sums of money in an instance, but it is also just as easy to loose all of your money in an instance. So as you can see, dicing is a very risky way of making money.

  • If you'd like to learn more about dicing, click here.
  • If you would like to be a dice host yourself, click here.


Staking, like dicing, is a form of gambling, in which you stake an opponent an amount of in-game items or money in a duel. Because the outcome of the stake is never 100% certain, this is also a risky method of earning money. Not only risky, this method is also dangerous. Your opponent could betray you and cheating in the duel by, for example, pulling out and using a weapon made illegal to use during the stake beforehand, or by exploiting some kind of bug, that gives him/her an advantage over you. If this does happen, and you have proof of it happening, report it on the Grinderscape Discord.

  • Discord Player Report Section here.
  • More info on making a report here.


Merchanting, or merching, is when you buy items for a price, and then sell it for a higher one than what you bought it for. Merching items can be very lucrative, but is also pretty risky. For example, people might not want to buy the item for how much you want for it, or the item you have might have dropped in price, leaving you at a loss. To merch you will also need some kind of a bank with which to buy the items you flip; so if you don't have enough money to start out with, look at some of the other methods above.


Item Price Buying Price Selling Price Profit
IjntxFL.png 10M 7M 15M 8M
iRk4FvI.png 250M 200M 300M 100M
6f3TrDP.png bZR0VrD.png') ?> qEOBmG4.png 12b 12b 14b 2B


Pking, or Player Killing, is when you, as the name entails, is when you kill other Grinderscape players in the wilderness for their armor, weapons, and anything else they were carrying. This, once more, is very dangerous, so make sure you are ready to possibly loose your itemsif you do happen to be defeated in a fight. Pking can make you very wealthy, so if you are willing to risk the items, go for it.

For info on locations to PK at, click here.


Skilling is one of the best ways to start off your adventure to riches on Grinderscape. While training a skill you will be rewarded with coins. The amount of coins that you receive vary depending on the level required for what you are doing. For example to steal from a Bakers stall it requires level 1 in Thieving. Thieving as other skills is a very good way to make a quick few million coins to buy your supplies so that you can use the other money making methods above. You can also train other skills such as woodcutting and mining, and sell the logs and ores you receive from it. You can click here to see guide on the skills trainable on Grinderscape.


PVM, in other words mean 'Player VS Monsters.' People in-game usually kill NPC's for items. For example, you kill Dragons just for their bones. There's a lot of monsters you can kill to gain money. Doing Slayer, is one of the best money making process in PVMing. You get money after you finish your slayer task, it involves killing an assigned NPC. There are a lot of monsters that drop good items, click here to find out what they drop.


A good way to start out leveling your stats would be to choose slayer! With a large amount of things to slay on GS, it will also drop many items which you could sell to start out with some fast/easy cash! You can get a slaying guide click here.

3. Where are shops located on game?

Most of the shops are located at home in the northen area. There are other shops spread in other cities such as Varrock, Neitznot, Yanille, and so on. You can click on the world map icon under the minimap to teleport to any of these locations!

4. How do I recover a lost password?

If you have lost your password, you can try to get it recovered by posting on Discord

  • Only Administrators and above can recover your password, Supporters/Moderators/Elite Moderators can't!
5. Where can I buy and sell items on game?

You can buy and sell items anywhere on game. However, the most used place is the market place at home.

6. I'm having a trouble starting up my client, how can I fix this?

If you are having trouble starting up your client, we have a few guides that will help you fix this.

7. How do I change my Spellbook?

Ancient spellbook: Speak to the lumbridge sage outside the general store in Edgeville. Choose desert pyramid and run south until you find the pyramid, you then go around it and pray at the altar. To change to lunar spellbook: Click on world map icon & teleport to Lunar Isle city.

8. What are the great features on this server?
Bank Tabs
- We're glad to offer the BEST Tabs system that you will ever see.
Bank Presets
- The most well-designed bank preset system that will allow you to build quickly presets, and withdraw them in less than 1 second!
- At Duel Arena players can't count with system function debilities to win a duel, it's all about skills!
- Fully functional decanter located at Grand Exchange, he will decant any potion you wish into any dosage!
Frost Dragons
- Recently added, the Frost Dragons are a good way to grind some wealth, but it's not that simple! Face those creatures unprepared, and death is inevitable! Kill them, and you may get a Frost Dragon pet!
Ironman & Hardcore Ironman
- Are you fan of a real challenge? Then try out our Ironman mode, it's fully complete and will offer a real big challenge!
Custom Titles
- There's an incredibly friendly interface to keep track of all your available and locked titles, you can see your current progress, and there're over 90 titles available!
Boss Pet
- Kill lots of bosses and obtain one of many available Boss Pets to show-off!
Duel Arena
- We have an incredibly efficient Duel Arena, there're presets available, the system support disconnect during duels, and you can force the same weapon in the rules.
NPC Kill Tracking
- System allows you to check your progress on boss kills and your best kill time.
Cape Customizer
- Would you like to walk around with a customized Completionist or Max cape? You have OVER 65,000 colors to choose as you wish!
Collect Box
- We have events and minigames that reward players even off-line, and you can collect those prizes on the Collect Box!
- We were the first to create a system, and we offered a secure manner of dicing, entirely free of any scamming!
Top Scores
- Would you like to view and let others see your scores in-game? Here we allow that with our Top Scores interface!
Shooting Stars
- Every few minutes a crashing star land in the game, you gain rewards for spotting them and exchanging Stardusts!
Castle Wars
- In case you like playing Castle Wars then we're the best place for you, we offer a fully working Castle Wars with 100% of its features very well functional!
- We have over 80 tasks available with many rewards, we dare you to get them all done!
- We offer a complete Slayer system, with over 100 different tasks and Reward|Features slayer shop!
- Fully working Highscores that's gonna expand even further on our new upcoming website!
20+ Bosses
- Each boss with working and varying attack styles, enough bosses for all PVMers!
9 Minigames (2 custom)
- Including fully working dicing with a 100% Unique System, flawless duel arena with an option to duel with the same weapon (anti-scam method for DDSers, etc.) and an awesome custom minigame called Weapon game!
22 Skills
- A wide variety of skilling choices! With a boosted max cap of 350M!
Best Client EVEN for MAC!
- Our client is the best client out there, thanks to our Developer Pb600, our client is capable of automatically updating and updating without having to logout. The client is also the first ever to be 100% working on Fixed/Resizable & Full Screen, with correct field of views and color schemes, are you tired of having to download a new client or check for loader updates on the website? Then relax, all you have to do is open client, and everything else is handled automatically for you, also very efficiently, our client takes around 1 second to load on an average computer!
Quick Prayers
- Quick prayer system allows you to toggle all prayers | curses you wish quickly.
Curse Prayers
- 100% working including leech prayers and turmoil!
Active PKing
- With the combat system that is made from scratch, pking will be a huge attraction, offering hours of fun, flawless switching, many multi-combat zones along with the Nostalgic edgeville pking section and much more!
9. I'm getting error 32 on client startup, How can I fix it?

"Error 32" refers to the client not being able to establish an internet connection. There are several ways to fix this problem.

  • Try running a VPN or any software that can change your IP address temporarily.
  • Make sure the client is not blocked by any firewall, or antivirus software.
  • Running the application as an Administrator might fix the issue.
  • Ensure that your internet connection is perfect.
  • Your last resort is to send us an email on "[email protected]" with "error 32" as the subject for a quick reply!
10. What does each minimap dot color refer to?
  • The square white dot in the middle of the minimap marks your own position.
  • A white dot represents another player, and is overridden by the options below, if they apply.
  • A purple dot indicates a fellow friend chat member.
  • A orange dot indicates a fellow clan chat member.
  • A blue dot indicates a person wearing the same Team cape.
  • A yellow dot indicates an NPC.
  • A green dot indicates a friend.
11. I still have more questions, what can I do?

You can visit our Wiki FAQ page for more questions by clicking If you still did not find your answer there, then you can contact us by email or by posting on Discord