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Hello Guys, 

Today we're implementing a few new features, fixes and more adjusts.


Notification System


A new notification system was created, it will be accessible from the right top side of game, next to logout button at newer game frame versions.



Once you log-in you'll be told about new notifications, you can click on the message to view them.


The ::notifications command will also open the notifications.

The new notifications will be highlighted in red.




It has an advanced action system, that allows us to define any action when player click over notifications.



Weapon Balancing


According to the community feedback some weapons accuracy were adjusted.


- Dragon Dagger Special has 25% more accuracy.

- Granite Maul has 25% less accuracy on special.

- Dragon Claws has 10% more accuracy on special.


Onyx Ring(i)


After update it became quite useless, so as suggested 6 strength and prayer bonus was added to it.



Jewelry Crafting


Part of Jewelry making system was slightly reworked and a few things fixed, now players are able to make diamond jewelry items




Frost Dragons


Koradal and Duradel may assign Frost Dragons as task now





Castle Wars store


The castle wars birds and other items are back to store.




Glory Recharging


Players can now use amulet of Glory at the Hero Fountain.


The fountains are located at Yanille in possession of a Tramp, he will charge 200K to let you use the fountain for 1 minute.




and at Donator Zone 2 which has free use



Super Donators will recharge all Glories in the inventory at once, while usually you need to recharge one by one.


Auto Casting


As voted by the community, auto-cast will be disabled upon weapon switching.


It will be added on a list of Community Input changes, that way in case someone expecting a 'perfect' combat as we are planning to announce, they will be able to see that the differences from the proper combat was voted by the community.





Just a Little tip to those asking to implement Antipoison, we already have it:





Astral runes prices were adjusted.

Vote Streak Penalty was reduced to 2 for each missed day.

When player Level UP a skill, the player no longer will be interrupted on their action|combat.

More action sounds were implemented in the game.

Fixed a few visual problems on login tip messages.

Fixed Pernix requiring 40 defence, now it requires 80 as supposed to.

Player following will be canceled upon wild entrance warning.

Players will automatically unmorph upon death now.

Fixed a problem making some new accounts not being able to move to second trade screen.

Ironman no longer can pickup other player's NPC loot.

Fixed Dragon Battle axe special working with 10% special energy.

Fixed an issue not allowing players to pick-up Castle Wars flags.

Slayer helm and Third age visual glitch is now fixed.

Mage Arena levers are now working back.

Fixed summoning scroll infusing not updating inventory.

Infinity Set on female models was improved at the best it could, apparently RS never had it for female version.

Fixed a problem allowing players to receive damage after teletabbing.

Katagon Mauls no longer are usable at wild.

As voted by the majority, Weapon Game Vine Whip will now have 105 strenght bonus, this will remain like that now.



Hello Dears,


For today I'm bringing some fixes, changes on the polemic Weapon Game and an experimental content.




The statuettes sell prices were adjusted.


1 - Ancient: 500M

2 - Seren: 400m

3 - Armadyl: 300m

4 - Zamorak: 200m

5 - Saradomin: 50m

6 - Bandos: 30m

7 - Ruby: 10m




Weapon Game


Today came on World 1 and invited WG Players to World 4 to help me make satisfying weapon game changes, and bellow are the results.


- You no longer can have two accounts from the same host inside the area at same time(Multi logging).

- You will start gaining LP for kill assists.

- You will have 15 seconds available to return to safe house after killing a player.

- Leech effect inside weapon game will happen way more constantly and leech cap was increased to 40% inside the arena.


- Once killed by a player with a Weapon Game level higher than 50, you will receive a weapon from his level for one round, once you die you will get your regular weapon back, while you're using a rewarded weapon you will not gain another rewarded weapon.

That was created to provide some sort of balance to those lower levels, giving them from 3 fights one real chance.

So rather than limit a lot the level restriction and resulting in almost nobody being able to attack each other at weapon game, we've decided to provide a way to balance things and keep everything more active.

- Stone Dispenser will now reward 25K coins as well.

- Once killing a target you can gain up to 50K

- Re-logging no longer will reset your kill history, preventing players to use that to boost.


- A new command to reset Weapon Game level was added

::resetwg melee or ::resetwg range will reset your melee or range levels in case they are above 400.

You will gain a prestige point, later will be decided which perks it will give.




Experimental Change


I've heard complaints about how damages aren't as OP as before, at the same time those complaints are no sense and we cannot break the game for everyone

to make those satisfied, I've came with an idea that can turn out be good OR NOT, you guys will tell me and in a week or so I'll vote to keep or remove it.


Clan Wars - Red Portal (experimental)



Clan Wars Red portal is now Dangerous, and inside there's a bonus of 10% to all Max Hit.

Note that Overloads are also allowed inside, resulting in insane hits.

You will lose your items upon death in there.

Even tho you will not get skulled when attacking a player ::skull command effect will work inside.

There's a limit of 6 combat level difference to start a fight.









Added lots of missing command information to ::commands.

As I've warned a few weeks ago, Vine Whip was removed from Participation Point shop, you can earn it from slayer shop or by killing any slayer monster.

More items are going to be available at participation shop soon.

Fixed a problem allowing to make 12 Tipped Bolts using with only 1 bolt with 12 bolt tips.

Trouble Blocked task is now working back.

Now your damage-map will reset if you enter wild after staying 30 seconds away from it, meaning that anyone who kills you next will get the loot.

Boss kills not counting was fixed, boss kills will be announced back now.

A problem that negative prayer bonuses wouldn't appear properly was fixed.

Now wild will begin at level 6 until real level 6, not affecting further levels.

The Combat Tab interface will update to unarmed once leaving WG now.

It's no longer possible to safespot jad

Jad healers will spawn behind him and then move to their position, preventing from being stuck in a wall.

When entering wild boosted mage and range stats will be capped at 112 rather than 118

Barrelchest Anchor item wield requirement was fixed, it's now 60 Attack and 40 Strength.

Fixed a bug where multiple players could special 

Fixed a bug making player go to a void when leaving saradomin boss door

Dark Bow Special hits will always be accurate with minimum damage of 8.

Dragon Bolt special was fixed it will be protected by ranged protection, it will not activate upon players with any kind of firebreath protection:



You may hold CTRL and press Backspace to delete previous words entirely.





@Iron Seann received an in-game beast for reporting a dupe, thank you!



Hey guys, just a few patches today,

I've opened world 4 to hear about combat issues, but only very few issues appeared after hours testing, etc.


Today's changes:


  • An issue possibly allowing to dupe was fixed.
  • When fighting Monsters, you no longer have to attack back after switching your armor.
  • Magic Splash no longer will reward multiplied exp.
  • Fixed magic barrage movement animation tilt causing player appear to be barraging from behind a player instead of move then barrage.
  • Now switching will not cancel auto-casting. << Like supposed to be on proper combat.
  • Now when auto-casting the attack style boxes will be unlighted as supposed to happen, once some fight style is activated auto-cast will be disabled. (RS Combat techniques)
  • Prom Maul is now forbidden at wild.
  • Now all chaotic items will require 80 stats to be wielded.
  • Iron cerimonial sword is no longer tradable.
  • Fixed a problem allowing you to use Granite Maul special while autocasting.
  • Fixed a problem allowing players to spamm animation and move while being tilt.
  • Fixed a small area at avatar's not being multi-combat.
  • Quest tabs links were fixed.



Hey guys,


I will be updating with some more adjusts and fixes!



Damage Map System Improvements


Consider this case scenario:

Pb600 deals 140 of total damage on Byron.

Pb600 teleports away leaving Byron with 10 of health left.

Byron heals 80 Life Points and remain with 90.

Russ comes and kill Byron.

Usually the loot would go to Pb600 who dealt 140 of total damage as Russ dealt only 90 of total damage.


To prevent those annoying cases the player's damage map will now be reduced by the amount of healed life points, starting from the oldest hits to newest.

Meaning that once Byron eats, Pb600's damages would be reduced from the map, as long Byron is 10 seconds out of combat.


In the new system, Russ would have taken the loot, since after Byron heals 80 of health, Pb600 would have a total of 60 (140 - 80) damaged inflicted on Byron, losing the loot to Russ.


Note that it will not reduce damages dealt by the last person that attacked you, unless you are over 10 seconds outside combat!


The GIF bellow explains what's going on when you eat:



Duel Arena - No Poison


No Poison rule was added to Duel Arena, it has overridden the 'Fun Weapon' rule.

When that rule is enabled, player cannot be poisoned during the fight.




Prayer Bonus Items


As requested by players items with prayer bonuses were added to npc drops.


Initiate & Proselyte sets are now dropped by the following Slayer Monsters:


  • Hellhounds
  • Dark Beasts
  • Basilisks
  • Black Demons.


Holy Symbol & Unholy Symbol are now dropped by Spiritual Mages(Zamorak and Saradomin), they offer 8 Prayer Bonus.




Hit delays were fixed.

Combat EXP gain was multiplied by 3

EXP Multiplier was added to non-combat mage spells as well.

Fixed a problem allowing players to teleport while dead.

Fixed a problem causing PvP scores to be reset.

Jad healers are no longer invisible.


Now any rank advance will be announced. (Was set to only higher ranks to be announced, but each rank is a real challenge)

Fixed potions selling price on stores.

Fixed Retribution and Wrath were not working because dead players didn't have combat requirement to deal damages.

Level Up will only interrupt actions when the dialogue appears, which requires a 60 seconds delay from last advance.

Khazard Plate is now being placed in the correct spot.

Ironman armor being tradable was fixed.

Basilisk boss will also drop items now.

Vengeance spell requires at least level 40 Defence to be cast now.




Soon there will be some Weapon Game adjusts.




Hello Players, I'll be just releasing more bug fixes today.


  • Fixed a player updating issue causing the whole game to appear very glitchy, it would only happen with over 255 players online.
  • Fixed a problem allowing players to rollback scores lose upon death.
  • Fixed a problem making players lose score points by killing their targets.
  • Fixed a problem that damage would appear as not yours sometimes.
  • Glory charges removal system was improved, it will now remove charges from the used glory, even when from equipment.
  • Revenant cave entrance on high wild level should finally always appear to players.
  • Disruption Shield will only activate when the hit actually damages the player.
  • Disruption shield icon will be available on next cache update.
  • Fixed a problem that displayed negative prayer bonuses when fighting very high combat NPCs.
  • Quick Prayer no longer will disable currently enabled prayers when activating.
  • Fixed Zuriel's staff not being trade-able.
  • Vine Whip at Weapon Game will now have special.
  • Zombie Skirt no longer will make player body invisible.
  • Some missing blocked dungeoneering items were added to list.
  • Fixed items being removed from ground when player attempts to pickup without enough inventory space.
  • Fixed price not appearing in red when player doesn't have enough slayer points at slayer reward interface.
  • Fixed 'Already learned' message not appearing for Ring of Slayer Crafting at slayer reward interface.
  • Forinthy Bracelets will be placed at Hands slot when worn now. (They don't have any effect yet)
  • Fixed some vampyres not counting as Slayer Task monster.
  • Fixed a visual problem on autocast when switching book from donator tab.
  • Fixed avatar teleport to wild level 40 warning, was set to 35 instead.
  • Fixed a spelling mistake at prayer renewal running out warning message.
  • A debug message displaying players that are not accepting aid was removed.
  • Dragonfire shield defence stats were fixed.
  • Replaced pets definitions with their proper one (from old defs), now they are untradable.
  • Snowman hats and snowman are no longer tradable.

Dear players,


Today we decided to promote Server%20Supporter.pngStraightkill to Server Support.

@Straightkill has been doing great within the OMM team and Spectrum cc for quite some time now and has proved to us that he deserves a shot at being a server support.

Roy lives in California (UTC-8) & will be helping out this timezone.

Of course as all promotions, he will be on a 2 week trial.



Congratulations Roy, and good luck!

Regards, GrinderScape Staff

2016-12-01 22:33:58

Dear players,


Today we decided to promote Server%20Supporter.pngSoldat212 to Server Support.

@Soldat212 has been doing great within the OMM team and Spectrum cc for quite some time now and has proved to us that he deserves a shot at being a server support.

Salem lives in Canada (Gmt - 5) & will be helping out this timezone.

Of course as all promotions, he will be on a 2 week trial.



Congratulations Salem, and good luck!

Regards, GrinderScape Staff

2016-12-01 20:39:51

Well guys, 


It's been a long run for me already now, but due to irl reasons I really am not/hardly able to get on anymore due to school mostly.


I've been getting a huge load of assignments, internship tasks & my exams are coming up in a few weeks too and I unfortunately won't have any time left to moderate at all anymore.


I've been getting more & more inactive, as most of you probably already noticed the past few weeks, which I'm sorry about.

I thought it'd pass with my internship ending last Friday, but it's not. The tasks keep heaping up & I've been busy till 8 pm today again working for stuff just due tomorrow. 


I've put "temp?" because I will be resigning from my staff duties for now, but I most likely might/will return in the future when I get my irl situations sorted out.


I've discussed it with Ron and he wants me to stay helping even after I resign, so I will still be helping out with middle man checks & stuff, just not dealing with any staff duties anymore as I don't have the time for it anymore right now.


I've got staff pretty fast and grew even faster within the staff team, but this would not have been possible without all the people I've met on here.

I've met so many great people here and I'd like to thank all of you for making it such a great journey.


I'd like to specially thank Ron, Max, Byron & PB (& all the other ex-staff members of course too) for all the work they've done for Grinderscape and some are still doing it, almost no one knew how much time you spent/spend to keep everything going. Without you 4 I'd have never been where I was now, and I'm thankful that you gave me a chance in the past years.


& I'm glad I got you back Ron. Some might not like your way of handling, but you've been the biggest asset to keeping Grinderscape together in these past 5-6+ years besides from PB, and no one should take that for granted. 


I could go on and on now about everything, but I'm gonna stop here now before it gets too long.


Thanks for everything guys, it's been a great time, and maybe I'll be back soon, all depends how school & stuff turns out & I wish you all the best.



2016-11-30 21:18:11

Dear players,


Today we decided to promote Server%20Supporter.pngIrish3601 to Server Support.

@irish3601 has been doing a great job in-game within the OMM team and Grinderscape in general, and we believe he's ready for a chance as a server support.

Cj lives in Minnesota(UTC - 06:00) & will be helping out this timezone.

Of course as all promotions, he will be on a 2 week trial.


Congratulations Cj, and good luck!

Regards, GrinderScape Staff

I just do not know how to put this as simply as possible to all of you. My life has taken a very drastic turn over the course of these past few weeks that lead me to prioritize my responsibilities of being an adult rather than dedicate a lot of time to Grinderscape. If you havent gotten the hint already, then I'll make is as clear as sunlight. I am choosing to resign from my responsibilities as a Server Support, Event Host, an Official Middleman, and as a Recruiter in the Spectrum clan chat. I dont have the time like I once had to play religiously any longer and believe me when I say its been quite a very long time that I've thoroughly thought this through. 


I thought a lot about my decision, and I dont want to leave this on a short note. 

For those of you who dont know, some time ago, roughly 6-8 months ago, I was literally HOMELESS. I survived under the roof of my car, and with the help of a friend or 2 whom allowed me to shower, and clean my clothes. It was the worst thing I've ever had to live through, and I did something about it instead of waiting however long it could have taken to be handed everything on a silver platter. I wont further any detail as (some of you Im close to know what caused this) it's personal, but in the midst of what happened, my money handling skills were.. Sub par. And I had no respect for the value of a dollar (USD). 

    A lot of people are going to say 'So what the heck does this have to do with you leaving, didnt you overcome that?' 

-Well yes, I did. And with pride. 

-Ive vowed never to leave my wallet empty, ever, and I now am working 7 days straight, every single week. It makes me extremely tired, and my energy is just lack luster. I want to do this for myself, and I've gotta leave a majority of my routine behind because of that. 



I feel as though I have had my fair share of recognition in the name of Grinderscape. Whatever it is you think of me ; Thank you. Thank you for giving me an outside perspective. Thank you for changing my attitude. Thank you for literally impacting my life so much, that I've changed internally. 



I wish I could say 'There will be more of me' , but being hopeful would only just keep you waiting. I want to finally pursue my aspirations of the career I've wanted since I was young, and Im doing it all on my own. 


@Soccerlove for allowing me a second shot as a staff member here. I completely realize that this time around was not nearly as explosive as when I had been a moderator, but I enjoyed moderating in each scenario. To those of you who have never had the opportunity to be on the staff team, believe me when I say, you make friends within very fast, and thats what makes it so incredibly enjoyable. Also, if you could, Ron, once my rank is removed, may I use my Respected rank as my default title. Thank you.    


I have to bid you all Adieu. Im not quitting Grinderscape. This will NOT be the last time you ever see my face here. As the old saying goes 'One does not simply QUIT Grinderscape' 

But my appearances will be occasional, and swift. 


@Thai Cholo, my buddy. You have me added on PSN. We can keep in touch there, or through skype. Most of my free time (Like 30 minutes at night) will probably be spent on my ps4, so you know where to find me. #ForeverMyPrince :hurr:


@Sophie Thanks for just.. Believing in me. Also. You're pretty damn rad. I hope you make it further Soph. I'll be rooting for you all the way. Like I said also, Im not disappearing. We'll keep in touch. 


@Tyler I appreciate you just being a presence here. You're soft spoken, but you pack a punch on this team. I wish you great luck.


@Icarly65 I want to bid you a personal apology for not living up to the 'Dream Team' like we once had back in the day. We had to have been one of the best dynamic duos in GS history. At least top 5 :hurr: I just dont have the time, and I would have probably been demoted sooner or later if I chose to just hold my rank like a lot of people have in the past, -cough- alexis -cough- 


I could sincerely go on and on. Since I had come back only in early August, I've acquainted a lot of people, and this thread would be absolutely unreadable lmao. You may (or) may not know who you are, regardless, I appreciate all of you no matter what you think of me.  Thanks for 5 great years new, and old. 





Hello and welcome to the skill of the week contest.

So what this contest is, you have to get the most experience within a certain time frame.
I will pick a skill, and you must train it for that duration, the player that gets the most experience in the time frame will win.
To prevent cheating, I will announce an exact name that must be used and the account must be an ironman. After this week is over, the account will not be eligible to be used, as each week a new account has to be used. 


-You cannot train after the given end time, doing so will mean you will be disqualified.
-You must train the given skill of the week.
-Harassing other participants will mean you will be disqualified.

-You cannot donate on the account to give yourself an advantage.

How to enter
All you have to do is lookout for the name that will be given on Friday, I will post the name that must be used at 6pm GMT. 

After you see my reply with the given name, you can make your account. for example ''You must use the name Sc1_____9181, ___ = your name'' You will be given 3 days to train, that'll be Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Look in the notes below to find the name that will be used. The account must be an ironman.



The name will be announced on Friday at 6pm GMT.

Try be online at 9pm GMT to pm me your final exp. If you can't be on at that time, pm me earlier.


Skill of this week: Woodcutting. Look out for the name on Friday!!!


@So Yontoo @pyk @Alvin @Arcane Blast@Raiderist @seann @Sir Wizard @iron cookie   

What is MOTM?

Member of the Month (MOTM) is a rank that was created to recognize a player of our community each month who goes above and beyond what is expected of them. These people go out of their way to help other members, they contribute greatly to the server, and they reflect a positive outlook on what Grinderscape represents.

Each month, five (5) nominees will be selected and voted on to win this coveted rank. At the end of a five (5) day period, the voting will close and the player with the most votes will win the rank. The process of selecting nominees is going to be up to you, the community. We want your input on who you think deserves to wear this rank. Exactly one (1) week from today, the Event Team will compile a list of your nominations and narrow it down to who we believe are the most deserving of the rank.



- You cannot nominate yourself.

-You cannot nominate staff members. You may nominate Event Team Members but you MUST give an explanation.

- You cannot nominate anyone who is banned/has been banned within the last month.

- If you do not have any input on who to nominate, don’t post. (i.e. “No one even deserves it this month,” or “Good luck.”) This also includes spamming or fake nominations. If you don’t have serious input do not post or you will be punished accordingly.

- You can nominate as many people who you think deserve it. If you nominate more than one person, please keep it to one post. Edit your post if you think of more people, do not repost.

- Do not ask to be nominated, as you will likely lose your chances of being nominated.


Thank you for your input

-Grinderscape Event Team

The Amazing Race

Hello and welcome to the Amazing Race!, an event that'll be held by myself.

So how this event will work is, I will post several pictures of myself zoomed in different places. Your job is to figure out where that place is and to go to that place and take a picture with yourself in it.

Event Note(s):

The event will run until 3 players pm me all of the locations. 


Event Rules:

When sending the screenshot back of you at the location, please include the whole client so we know it isn't fake. Or else you will be required to go back and do it again.






Simply click on my name and pm me the pictures of where I was(Must be all 10 pictures). They must also be zoomed out as in the example above.

Shoutbox%20Moderator.pngSo Yontoo




Pictures will be posted on Tuesday, at 6pm GMT.

@zoiezo @Rippa @Peturfile @iron cookie @fanni @Thai @seann 

2016-11-27 19:01:09

Outfit Contest #16

What is the Outfit Contest?

The outfit contest is an event/activity where members take place coming up with the best looking/creative outfit that matches the contest theme for the time being.



How it works

The contest is simple. Each week I will post a thread like this, showing all the information for the contest, how to enter, etc... and the theme. One week of the contest will be for users to submit an entry to me via PRIVATE MESSAGE ON THE FORUMS. Then once the week is up, I will post a voting thread, where users can vote for their favorite outfits, anonymously.



How to participate

Simple, go to my profile and send me a forum PM with your entry.



Rules & Guidelines:


- You must follow the theme chosen for that week. Failure to do so will result in a disqualification.

- Send your entry in a PM to the Contest hoster, "Koen". Do NOT post them as a reply to this thread.

- Your outfit must be completely original. Do not copy anyone's outfit.

- You must include the contest number in your picture in the BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER, in the format "OC #(number)"

- Do not put your name in the picture. The voting will be anonymous.

- You have one week to submit your outfit, the second week will be for the voting on who has the best outfit.

- From this week onwards I will only take up to 15 entries as you cannot make a poll higher, if I get more than 15 i'll only take the first 15



Here's what an entry should look like:






The prize will be a max cash stack.



This contest's theme:



Just go for what you like the most

So grab the best/your favorite outfit  and submit it to me.




Thank you to everyone that entered this week.

This weeks theme was "Challenge Items (Must have a yellow partyhat)".

Don't vote for yourself or pay people to vote for you. 
If you are caught doing so this will result into a disqualification.

Good luck to all participants and may the best outfit win.

































Voting will end the 4th of december, at 17:30 (GMT +1)






2016-11-24 22:48:55
2016-11-22 11:19:30

Ze Progress :D




It's quite tricky to do :P will be added to hard+ tasks only.



Many more puzzles available so you don't get bored of doing always the same.







2016-10-29 06:55:34

Once you're about to be move to a next rank, there will be a promotion stage (in this promotion stage you wont gain or lose any score).

At this point you'll have to win 2 of 3 fights in order to be promoted to the next rank, if you fail, you'll lose a few score points, meaning that you'll have attempt to reach

the promotion stage over again.






Failing to be promoted (You don't lose that many points)