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Dear players,

Today we decided to promote  Nelgie5 to Server Support.
Nelgie has been doing a great job for quite some time now, and we believe he's ready for the promotion.
Glenn lives in The Netherlands, so he will be helping out mostly around GMT + 1.
Of course as all promotions, he will be on a 2 week trial.

Congratulations Glenn, and good luck!

Regards, GrinderScape Staff
Hello players,

Due to all the feedback/rumors I've been getting about staff members abusing I decided on changing the system for this.
Staff members now have to collect proof of EVERY punishment they do to evade any possible situation of being accused for abusing.
We will be keeping track of all the punishments, including proof, if there is no proof, the punishment can be undone by me at any time.
This system also allows it that ALL staff members can deal with a situation and not just the staff member who punished the player, and thus having way less waiting time before getting dealt with.
If there are punishments being dealt without any decent proof (unless it's not possible to get proof, which is hardly possible) and it happens too often I will consider this as abusing and this will lead into a demotion of the staff member.

If you think you are being abused, feel free to make a (private or public) feedback thread here or pm me the feedback here, and I will deal with it.
If you do make a feedback thread/pm me about being abused by a staff member, make sure to ADD PROOF yourself to the thread/pm you are sending me, otherwise I can not take the feedback serious and will think you are just accusing a staff member of things when it might not have happened, and thus nothing will be done about it.

NOTE : Staff members can ("perm") jail you to talk to you about the rule you have broken, this does not mean you are staying perm jailed, this means you are staying jailed until you have been talked to & the situation have been dealt with. Do not accuse staff members for abusing when they are doing this just to warn you instead of punishing you with a mute/ban instead.

NOTE : Earlier punishments without proof will not straight up be undone but I will discuss it with the staff member who dealt with it.
Hi everyone who's reading this thread! <3

As you can see in this title, I'll be resigning from my Server Supporter duties.

The major reason behind this is only 1.. And that's the lack of free time.

I got a new job since recently which makes me go to work 5 days a week, and every workday is until 7 PM in the evening.
Before I'm home it's 8PM, then I still need to have dinner.. And then I still wanna go hitting the gym..

Meaning my time is amazingly limited now, meaning I don't have the time anymore for fullfilling my duties as a Supporter to a full 100% as it should be.

And to be perfectly honest, I feel HORRIBLE that I need to resign because I really enjoyed being a Supporter & helping everyone out as much as I could, or to help out with scamms, fights, and so on and so on..
Therefore I find it quite annoying that "lack of free time" is the reason of my resignation..

I wanna give a BIG shoutout to all the other Staffmembers that I was honoured to work with;
Michael, Carl, Blake , Vechtking, Jplayer , Acolyte , Aa Cc Ii Dd , Sma11zplz , K F I F , Mystery Ltd , Bobbins , Ridok , Chacotaco

You guys are ALL amazing people, 1 BY 1.
I find it very annoying to leave such a great team of Staff people like all of you guys.. Meh, lol.
I respect all of you deeply and I wanna thank every single one of you for all the amazing times I could experience with you guys In-Game & on Skype. Thanks <3

Special shoutout to Niels ofcourse for giving me the oppurtunity of Server Supporter and for believing in me. Thanks man. <3

It's a shame knowing I "finally" had given this chance towards me, and then eventually need to let go of it due "lack of time"..

But oh well..

Thanks for reading & thanks for all the memories guys. Also to YOU, every single Grinderscapian out there!
I had a blast with you all & I wanna thank you guys aswell for all the support, love & talks we had In-Game!

And no, this is not a "quitting" , nor a "farewell" thread.. I won't leave the game that easely.. :D
I'll see you guys soon!

Thanks for reading guys, much love. <3

- David.
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Hello dear players,

On this updates notes I'll focus entirely on Bank Tabs, yes finally GrinderScape is getting bank tabs, it's a long time requested update, but now we can finally say that we have the most unique and best bank tab.

Today I had to keep world 1 offline for maintenance as we upgraded our Database to support a new type of data that will be used for inventories, which will support our bank tabs and will allow degradable to work perfectly in the future, and many other features like name changing, better clan handling etc.

I didn't save time to make the bank system offer the most amount of features, all them focused on making everything simple and smooth to you.

To be honest I can't describe in words here how will be your experience with our bank tabs, you should just try out yourself!

Bank Tabs

For now there's a limit of 20 tabs that you can create, that's much more than necessary!

In order to create a new tab drag an item over the plus sign at right top of the interface:

You're able to switch tabs position by dragging them

You can also right click and collapse a tab, to make all items there move to first tab.

You may also scroll the top tabs container with your mouse wheel or use arrow keys while your mouse is over the tabs.

Settings Interface

- Dimension: When toggled it will force the width to a fixed size rather than resizeable.
- Place Holder: When toggled will automatically leave a placeholder once an update is removed.
- Item Destroy Hotkey: Enable hotkeys on item destroy interface to quickly confirm or close. (Space or Esc)

Place Holders

You can set placeholders, that are items which will remain in the set slot even when you don't have any available in bank, so when that item is added to the bank, it will occupy the placeholder slot.

You may configure the bank (Settings interface) to automatically set a placeholder when all amount of an item is removed from the bank.

You can also manually remove an item and leave a place holder by right clicking over item and pressing 'Placehold'

Items Destroying

You can destroy an item straight from your bank, all you have to do is drag the item over the bin at the left-bottom.

Then a confirmation screen will always appear, however you can configure to quickly destroy by pressing (space) or close the interface by pressing (esc)


Why have such a small bank while we have big screens?

The bank will support vertical and horizontal resizing, you can disable Horizontal resizing on settings interface, which is available in case you'd like to sort your potions by rows.

Screen Shot

You may right click 'All' tab to Screen Shot your whole bank, then just paste somewhere the generated pic and you can share with others!


The searching was made to be the most quick and practical possible, in order to start searching you should click on the magnifier

Once you have finished searching, click over the magnifier again to close search, the ( x ) button will just clear the text field, not terminate searching.

You may also right click 'Open item tab' to locate where the item is located.

Equipment while banking

You may equip items while bank is still open, just press the equipment icon and you may see the equipment screen

You're also able to withdraw or configure presets from bank as well

Bank Space

The initial bank space was increased to 500.

Now Super Donators will gain 160 extra slots rather than 80
Now Donators will gank 60 extra slots rather than 30
Now Dicers will gain 50 extra slots rather than 40


- Deposit BoB is now available.
- You may move items between containers by simply dragging to another container.
- Holding CTRL while depositing|withdrawing will make it deposit or withdraw-all.
- Holding SHIFT while depositing|withdrawing will make it deposit or withdraw-all-but-one
- A new system to save client settings automatically was created.
- The whole interface system was drastically reworked.
- A System to Dim interfaces was created.
- You no longer can deposit over 2,147m of coins.

I could actually spend hours explaining why this bank is so smooth and efficient, but there would be lots of technical terms that none of you are interested, so I'll keep it this short :D

Now I'll be working on Combat Updates and a few suggestions from players.


Today I'll be releasing a few updates, in most bug fixes and tools to help find|fix bugs.

I've worked on a system to work parallel with game server in another instance to assist with some communications between players and us, that way we can offer much more features without spend live game server resources.
CTRL + ALT+ R report function now is enabled and I'll be able to keep track of bug reports.

CTRL + ALT + L was reworked and now you're able to send us your log of errors.

Now the game will initialize displaying some tips to the player on login-screen

Now whenever a player fail to log-in due to 'Error connecting to server' we will receive an analysis to investigate the issue.

PK Updates

Armadyl godsword special was buffed.

Teleblock effect will now wear off whenever player exit wild
Combat Delay was reduced from 10 seconds to 5 seconds at level 10+ from wilderness. (Timer that prevents from attacking other player or being attacked after exit a combat)
Obelisks are fully functional now. (Players teleblocked will not teleport):


Some issues causing the client to freeze on 100% loading were fixed.
The game inventory updating system was reworked in behalf of bank tabs.
::wiki command was changed, you may type now ::wiki to get to wiki, or ::wiki prices to move to prices, ::wiki skills, in case you remember the Url you can even type ::wiki Cooking, ::wiki Attack
::forums command was added.
::scores command was added.

Today I'll be opening bank tabs for private testing, later on for public testing and after no bugs are found and a few minor details are finished, it will be released to the community.

Hello Dear players,

As many of you may know, I've been working on Bank Tabs, I'm glad to announce that in the future GrinderScape will have the best bank tab system that ever existed, however since many things have changed in the game interface core, we will be running tests and finishing some details before releasing to Public, you may be able to test the bank tabs soon at development world, so on this update I'll be able to check if something related to bank tabs will cause any issue.

Today I'll be releasing a few updates that were worked on along with the main update Bank Tabs.

Settings Interface

With many settings available in-game it was necessary to build a better and more dynamic interface to handle those options.

Now players are able to force left attack for PvM as well.
Players have the option to lock any experience gain or only combat experience gain!

Timer Tracker

A System to track running timers in-game was created, now you may be able to keep track of how long until a potion effect wear off, or how long until you can use some ability again.

You can toggle the Timer Tracker from settings interface, you can also right click a timer to temporarily remove it from the screen.

Weapon Game

Players who assist with at least 25% of damage may get random prizes such as armors now.
Melee initial coins have increased to 150K to balance better against Ranged.
Weapon game will now drop rewards on the floor in case player have full inventory. (May only be visible to the player who gained the reward)

Game Update

Lots of improvements were applied to our Update Servers, making it possible for me to update game cache in matter of seconds meaning that I no longer will have to wait a lot to release an update because of a cache update,
all requested resources will be cached meaning that will be retrieved quicker to players and thanks to that we can keep track of most used files, that way I worked on a system to build a list of priority files, which will be used to pre-load them on the background, before players even request, avoiding big loading times when moving into a new map area, etc.


A few more items were added to Ironman shop (Ava's accumulator, helm of neitznot)

EXP bar will now display formatted experience values.
EXP Orb XP gain will display above walk-able interfaces now.

Glaivern, Steadfast, Ragefire boots graphical glitch was fixed.

An logical issue related to unsync tasks was fixed, now highscores is enabled again, and in case of failure it may not affect game-play as before.
Players now are able to pickup items while frozen.
Heavy rework on interface system and processing system(for bank tabs).
Big rework on items moving system.
Tons of security patches were applied.
Scrolling system was reworked, lots of issues were fixed, such as screen zooming while scrolling on smileys or chat area.
You can now hold control to scroll a scrollbar slower.
Examining a stackable item will inform the exact amount of items in the stack.
Ring of life should no longer activate inside Fight Caves, Fight Pits, etc.
The game no longer allows creation of names with double spaces.
Smithing to coins will now slowly perform automatically.
The game will now active prayer book tab whenever player right click 'Select quick prayers' at prayer orb.
Knowledge Pool will now give 2x experience to super donators and boost XP by 75 for Regular Donators. (Incresed 25% per rank)
Fixed an issue where you couldn't accept rules when you're morphed.
An inventory updating issue when moving items on inventory with bank open was fixed.
One more yew tree was added to donator zone 1
Whenever you vote you'll gain 100K of bonus experience as reward.
Most skilling messages are now filter-able by the game filter.
Fixed an issue with client receiving a wrong appeal code.
A few clicking offset issues on old game frame were fixed.
All dragons dropping multiple dragon bones got fixed.
Some green dragons no longer will spawn faster.
Ardougne bugged roofs no longer will appear.
Now moving item while bank is opened will update player's real inventory properly.
A few issues related to notes tab clicking was fixed.
The command ::wiki was added.
Admins are now able to promote elite members themselves.
Elites are now able to check if a player had a password previously.
Fixed a rounding issue causing some shop items prices to display a lower value than the real.
Clan splitting issue is fixed.
The way Vine Whip works was modified:
PvM: Will be stronger against assigned monsters and weaker against normal NPCs
PvP: Will be stronger against players with same or higher combat level and weaker against players with lower combat level

Bank Tab Progress

Search feature:

Screenshot feature (You will be able to screen shot your bank Result):

Combat Update:

Will be finished after Bank Tabs.
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Welcome to the GrinderScape Banner Contest !

Like any rsps GrinderScape must have some good advertisment to success such as:

Facebook page

Youtube channel

There is also a very important side of advertisement called "Banners", our current banner is old, outdated and lets be honest not exactly very attractive.

There are few big main RSPS list/advertise sites that advertise Rsps's while also showing the top rsps's by their voting points such as:

In this contest we are looking for people who can make an advertisement Banner for GrinderScape that will replace the old one.

Banner must have:

- Good looking pictures from ingame
- Good looking texts
- Show our best features such as:
* Customize minigames
* ironman mode
* made from scratch bank system
* Safe staking and dicing (Gambling)
* Special events
* Bosses / boss pets
* unique systems such as: npc kill tracker, bank pressets, title system, top scores, tasks, yell/comp customizer.

- The banner must be a .GIF file and not a simple jpg/png file with out any animation on it.

- Banner should not be too long and contain as much info but in an attractive way.


- Choose the pictures carefully (get ingame and shot em yourself)
- Choose the right text color and texture (place it in the right spot)
- Fill the .GIF banner with bunch of info but in an attractive way
- Don't panic and rush edit the banner, take your time and make it the best you can (y)

In order to enter the contest please fill this template and comment with it in the comment section below:

Ingame name:

whats your banner features?

GIF banner:

There will be only one winner and his Banner will become GrinderScape official banner!

First place prize:

Ingame super donator

Forums super donator


Deadline for the contest will be 2 weeks from now at the 17/5/16, then the voting thread will happen.
Outfit Contest #4

What is the Outfit Contest?
The outfit contest is an event/activity where members take place coming up with the best looking/creative outfit that matches the contest theme for the time being.

How it works
The contest is simple. Each week I will post a thread like this, showing all the information for the contest, how to enter, etc... and the theme. One week of the contest will be for users to submit an entry to me via PRIVATE MESSAGE ON THE FORUMS. Then once the week is up, I will post a voting thread, where users can vote for their favorite outfits, anonymously.

How to participate
Simple, send me a forum PM with your entry.

Rules & Guidelines:
- You must follow the theme chosen for that week. Failure to do so will result in a disqualification.
- Send your entry in a PM to the Contest hoster, "Tragicv3". Do NOT post them as a reply to this thread.
- Your outfit must be completely original. Do not copy anyone's outfit.
- You must include contest number the in your picture in the BOTTOM LEFT CORNER, in the format "OC #(number)"
- Do not put your name in the picture. The voting will be anonymous.
- You have one week to submit your outfit, the second week will be for the voting on who has the best outfit.

Here's what an entry should look like:


For the second week, the prize will will consist of an Arcane Spiritshield and a CCB.
Each contest the prize will change between an in-game item, and a forum partyhat rank and userbar (of your choice) for one month.

This contest's theme:

Since I have to come up with this quick, send me your best blue outfit. I'll think of more creative ideas in the later weeks

Goodluck to everyone who enters!

Also I apologize that this wasn't posted last week, there was a bit of a problem, but it should be back to weekly outfit competitions.
For the next month the event team will be bringing back an event that hasn't been done for around 4 years, that's right an entire month of Hide and seek.

The Game

Every single day for the entire month of May somebody on the events team will hide, just like any normal hide and seek event. The catch is there will be 5 spots a day, and you will not be receiving items when you find the events team player, you will receive points. Here's how the point system will work

*1st player to find the guy hiding will receive 3 points

*2nd player to find the guy hiding will receive 2 points

*3rd player to find the guy hiding will receive 1 point

4th place and so on will not receive any points for that particular spot, but no worries as there will be 5 spots per day, which in the end will result in about 150 hiding spots this month!


* No helping other players, if you are for example the first player to find the guy hiding, you may not pm another player telling them the spot. If you do this you will automatically be expelled from the event.

* Do not call out a spot. For example when I give a hint, and you know where it is, do not call out "varrok palace" . Failure to follow this rule and a staff member will decide your punishment, and you will also not be allowed to participate in the hiding spot.

* No cheating in any way/complaining. The first 3 traders are the winners, the host will not lie about the top 3 finishers, no point in arguing about it.


First Place: Abyssal Vine Whip/ Torva Set/ Colored Party hat Set (Iron/Addy/Gold/Rune/Black/ Colored)

Second Place: Abyssal Vine Whip/Torva Set

Third Place: Abyssal Vine Whip

The events will be going on everyday around 12-2 PM Eastern time zone (-5gmt)


1. Mori jin- 22 points

2. Rogue- 18 Points

3. Blood x- 11 Points

4. Marradona- 7 Points

5. Sma11zplz- 5 Points

5. Chosen1blade- 5 points

5. The Unicorns- 5 Points

5. k9commander- 5 points

6. Im Slammed- 4 Points

7. kkkcat- 3 Points

7. Keffbrud- 3 Points

7. Ugosao- 3 points

7. c72007- 3 points

7. M0 M0- 3 Points

7. Tokio Zarka- 3 Points

8. Nelgie5- 2 Points

8. Irisha- 2 Points

8. Call me bird- 2 Points

8. Bezerq - 2 points

8. Hmong Rog- 2 Points

8. i43sloan- 2 points

8. Skil4lyf- 2 Points

8. Grinderpoint- 2 Points

9. Strang3 K1ll- 1 point

9. Ajj440 - 1 point

9. Pacotaco123- 1 Point

9. Normally- 1 Point

9. Brucewayne- 1 point

9. Calcium- 1 point

9. Tormentedski- 1 point

9. Conceptual- 1 Point
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Available for testing in a few on testing world. (no ETA)

Will we able to disable this option?
Hey guys, have had IRL issues in the past few days, will try to boost and finish bank tabs asap.
Items tabs will scroll with arrow keys buttons as well, just in case player doesn't have mouse wheel.

Adjusted searching system, added support to 8 items actions, and added function 'Open item tab' in search pane

That function will take you to the tab where the item is located.

Screenshot feature was finished

Whenever you press 'Screen shot' it will take a screenshot of all your bank items and place in your clipboard so you can paste anywhere.

That's the result of a screenshot: Screen Shot
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