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Joe ( Acolyte ) is returning as a Elite Moderator
At first, from my side, I wished he never resigned in the first place, if so, It meant I didn't have to make this thread right now
He asked me to add this in the thread to explain a bit why he did resign in the first place

Hey guys, I just want to explain what happened so I don’t seem like that much of a dick. Basically, when I resigned, I resigned for two reasons. One being I was de-motivated and uninterested in the game. But during the time I wasn’t staff, I realized I could only enjoy the game when I’m staff. The second reason for my resignation was that I had to do two courses plus a bunch of stuff to get into an electrical company/union. A week later, I found out I only needed to do one course (which was already done, just need to do the exam) and I bypassed all the stupid stuff to get into the electrical company/union because my dad is friends with a union rep. I apologize for this and I do hope you can all understand.

Welcome back Joe and make sure this isn't going to happen any time soon again

I'd just like to introduce our newest Bug Tester Security
He will be paying attention to security holes and will work to find in-game bugs;
So don't get worried if you see any pig flying in-game.

As people say... better safe than sorry, so It's good to have you in our team, wish you luck finding da bugs.
Dear players,

Today we decided to promote  Aa cc ii dd from In-game Moderator to Elite Moderator.
Aa Cc Ii Dd has been doing a great job for quite some time now, and we believe he's up for the next task.
Jack lives in Australia (GMT + 8 ) & will be helping out mostly here.
Of course as all promotions, he will be on a 2 week trial.

Congratulations Jack , and good luck!

Regards, GrinderScape Staff
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Hello and welcome to the skill of the week contest. I will explain how this event will work and what it is.
So what this contest is, you have to get the most experience within a certain time frame.
I will pick a skill, and you must train it for that duration, the player that gets the most experience in the time frame will win a prize.
To prevent cheating, I will create accounts for all the participants, and you will then have to play on that account. You will have to change your password as soon as you log into the account. After this week is over, the account will not be eligible to be used, as I will be making a new account for every participant next week.

-You cannot train after the given end time, doing so will mean you will be disqualified.
-You must train the given skill of the week.
-Harassing other participants will mean you will be disqualified.

How to enter
All you have to do to enter is simply post below saying you wish to participate in this contest. I will then add you to a list of participants and when the skill is chosen, I will pm every participant the username and password to the account you must participate on.

There will only be one prize for the person that gets the most experience as this'll be a frequent event.

1st Place
Dragon Claws


Skill will be announced on Friday and your account details for the account that must be used will be pmed. So check your inbox on Friday
Hello and welcome back to the official Grinderscape lottery
Each week or so first, the winners will be chosen at random, using a random number generator (
This lottery is community based, and all entry money goes to the week's winners, so nobody makes money off of this except for the winners.
If you end up winning, you have exactly 7 days to claim your prize; if you fail to do so, your prize will be recycled and used in the next lottery.

Each entry ticket costs 10m GP
If you would like to enter your name more than once, you may buy up to 3 tickets, each costing 10m GP.

NOTE : You can only enter with ONE account! If you enter with more than 1 account and you win a prize, you will be terminated from the lottery and we will use the prize again in a new lottery.

If you would like to enter talk to either one of these people:

 Mystery ltd
 Aa Cc Ii Dd
 An Old Puppy
 So Yontoo

If you wish to enter the lottery, pm any of the people listed above and pay them 10-30m (10m per entry). The winners will be drawn and announced the following Sunday. If you won, simply pm Jake(Statefarm23) or Icarly65 to receive your prize.
Good luck!



Torva Armor Set

1st Place (a):
 25% of cash pot

Donator Rank + Black H'ween

1st Place (b):
 25% of cash pot

Donator Rank + Black Party Hat

2nd Place:
 20% of cash pot

Spirit Shield Set

3rd Place
 15% of cash pot

Dragon Claws

4th Place
 10% of cash pot

Santa Hat

5th Place
 5% of cash pot

Chaotic Crossbow

Cash Pot:

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I suppose we are almost there! (NO ETA)

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