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Hello Guys


Today I'm comming with more new content and some fixes!





Hello Players,


Today a few game changing updates are launching, hope you all love!






Hello Guys!


Today I'll be quickly releasing some combat changes and a few things that have been worked on before by our supporter team!

Hi everyone.


Today we decided to promote Server%20Supporter.pngLisaax to Server Support!


Dear players,


Today we decided to promote cH7kj81.pngTyler from Elite-Moderator to In-game Administrator.

@Tyler has been doing a great job for a long time now, and we believe he's up for the next task.

Hello everyone.


Today we decided to promote Server%20Supporter.pngNucleus to Server Support!

@Nucleus has been doing a fantastic job in-game for quite some time now and we believe he's ready to join the staff team once again.



Welcome to the 7th official Grinderscape Pk tournament. It has been quite some time since our last tournament, but it's back and better than ever. For those who don't know what the Pk tournament is, let me explain.



Hello everyone! Welcome to Grinderscapes monthly voting lottery!

I'll quickly explain how it works.

The concept is simple; to enter the lottery, all you need to do is vote and show a picture of you having voted, make sure the picture includes you obtaining at least 6 vote points.

In other words, this lottery is completely free to enter!


How to enter:

Take a screenshot of the following things in your game chat:

*The message thanking you for voting

*The amount of voting points received must be at least half of all the voting points you can get (6 out of 9)

*Your In-Game name in the bottom left

*The day's date written into the chat space



Once you've taken a picture like the one above, all you need to do now is go back to this thread, and post it as a reply.

When you post your entry, also note how many times you've entered so far; the person with the most entries, and so the most votes, will also be awarded with a prize.

There's no limit for how many times can you enter, it's all up to how many times you vote a day.


Note though, you may only post an entry every 12 hours.


Now, the way this lottery will be drawn is practically the same.

When the lottery is closed, I will go through the thread and check how many replies we received, and use that with like in the weeks before.

When I close the lottery on Sunday at noon (my time), you may post things that aren't entries.

If you post non-entry posts on the thread before that, the post will be deleted, and you may be infracted.




Most Votes:


Steadfast Boots




Torva set + Divine/Arcane/Ely


1st Place:


Armadyl Godsword + Dragon Claws + Membership Ticket + Blue Halloween Mask


2nd Place:


Hand Cannon + Divine


3rd Place


Red Staff of Light + Blue Staff of Light


4th Place


Coloured Party Hat


5th Place


Rune Party Hat


Good luck to everyone that entered!

- The Event Team


❤️️❤️️❤️️Outfit Contest #20❤️️❤️️❤️️

❤️️What is the Outfit Contest?❤️️


The outfit contest is an event/activity where members take place coming up with the best looking/creative outfit that matches the contest theme for the time being.



❤️️How it works❤️️


The contest is simple. Each week I will post a thread like this, showing all the information for the contest, how to enter, etc... and the theme. One week of the contest will be for users to submit an entry to me via PRIVATE MESSAGE ON THE FORUMS. Then once the week is up, I will post a voting thread, where users can vote for their favorite outfits, anonymously.



❤️️How to participate❤️️


Simple, go to my profile and send me a forum PM with your entry.



❤️️Rules & Guidelines:❤️️


- You must follow the theme chosen for that week. Failure to do so will result in a disqualification.

- Send your entry in a PM to the Contest hoster, "Koen". Do NOT post them as a reply to this thread.

- Your outfit must be completely original. Do not copy anyone's outfit.

- You must include the contest number in your picture in the BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER, in the format "OC #(number)"

- Do not put your name in the picture. The voting will be anonymous.

- You have one week to submit your outfit, the second week will be for the voting on who has the best outfit.

- From this week onwards I will only take up to 15 entries as you cannot make a poll higher, if I get more than 15 i'll only take the first 15



❤️️Here's what an entry should look like:❤️️







The prize will be a red staff of light.



❤️️This contest's theme:❤️️



With valentine's day coming up, the subject is "red", pretty self-explanatory.

So grab the best/your favorite outfit  and submit it to me.

Thanks @V 0 V for the idea





What we have been up to...


Hey guys, maybe some of you are wondering what is being worked on, since I'm working on a few big things for a while, it has been a few days with no updates, so I'll show a preview of some things that have been worked on!


First off I have developed a spawning project system, anyone is able to create a spawning project and spawn their own npcs and objects, and everybody can load that project to see and edit the spawns!

For that I had to create a Player & NPC instancing system! Meaning that only players from the same instance can see the project NPCs & Objects! This system will be used further for Instanced bosses, after some tests.


Also a new Donator Zone Area (That will be replacing DZ1 and DZ2) was created by our Development Supporters!  Russ, Acoylite, Mateus, Dragenforce, Eilmere,  Ryan


You can have a sneak of new Donator Zone, see how spawning, project and instancing are working on this short video:



More two areas were developed but I'll keep as surprise!


A few new items are available at voting store! Streak system was modified, New Client Background that Byron made will be available, and a few new projects





A few updates and players suggestions are about to be released soon tho!




To be released after some tests


Looting Bag




Haha that's nothing that I don't do frequently...


As @Kai suggested, dicing 50/50 against another dicer will be optional from now on