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GrinderScape Update ( 02 - 25 - 17 )
        Summary   1. Game Donation 2. Combat Changes 3. Stores Rework 4. New Rank Icons 5. Misc 6. Bug Fixes       1. Game Do
GrinderScape Update ( 02 - 07 - 17 )
      Hello Guys   Today I'm comming with more new content and some fixes!     Ancient Dungeon   The Ancient Dungeon was 100% designed by our Cont
GrinderScape Update ( 01 - 28 - 17 )
  Hello Players,   Today a few game changing updates are launching, hope you all love!     PK Tournament   From now on, every month we will be hosting a P
New Sectional Moderator
Hello everyone, today we will be promoting a member to the Sectional Moderator rank. Congratulations Tyler.   We believe that Tyler has been doing a good job across the board, he will be
Hi,   Our forums has been upgraded to version 4.1.19 of the IPS Community Suite.  This includes a security patch and we few bug fixes.   This release focuses on bug fixes and
This would not be a surprise to everyone, but my long tenure as a forum staff member has come to a crashing halt. Keeping it short. I, of course, have not been as consistent as I was before. I rece
Official Lottery Week #2!
    Hello and welcome back to the official Grinderscape lottery! I know i haven't hosted one of these in quite a long time, but seeing as it's the new year, i thought we'd give it ano
Achievement of the Month: March
  What is the Achievement Event? The achievement event is an event for the players of Grinderscape to display their recent achievement! The term "achievements" is defined as recent re
What is MOTM? Member of the Month (MOTM) is a rank that was created to recognize a player of our community each month who goes above and beyond what is expected of them. These people go out of
Okay I'll take some time now to log the current updates.   The NPC system is being reworked from SCRATCH | ZERO | NOTHING, the old system was totally removed.   I've designed scripting tools to assist me on heavily testing every NPC function and exploring it's limits, it can be used at any other game feature.   I have
What we have been up to...   Hey guys, maybe some of you are wondering what is being worked on, since I'm working on a few big things for a while, it has been a few days with no updates, so I'll show a preview of some things that have been worked on!   First off I have developed a spawning project system, anyone is able to crea
To be released after some tests   Looting Bag