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GrinderScape Update ( 05 - 19 - 17)
          Community Input   Rune Pouch was reduced to 750 Participation Points.  - Note that the main purpose of Participation points shop is to provide
GrinderScape Update ( 05 - 17 - 17)
    Hello Players,    Today some short Tuesday adjustments release!   Combat Changes   Dragon Spear   Some balancing was performed in the Dragon
Forums version upgrade, and few plugins
Dear members,   Just a quick notice; I bought a new plugin for our forums that will improve how the profile system looks like. It has many options and can be easily edited. For the me
GrinderScape Update ( 05 - 16 - 2017)
      Hello Dear Players,   After a long time with no updates, we are finally releasing the update which we hope to be the last that will be so huge. In this update
GrinderScape Update ( 02 - 25 - 17 )
        Summary   1. Game Donation 2. Combat Changes 3. Stores Rework 4. New Rank Icons 5. Misc 6. Bug Fixes       1. Game Do
Grinderscape Discord Bot
Since the implementation of the Grinderscape discord, it has flourished and became a hot spot for new members of the community, veterans and players who delve into all other aspects of Grinderscape
New Server Support
Hello everybody   Today we have decided to promote @evow to the rank of server support   Evow has been doing a terrific job helping in game, and we believe he is ready to take th
Asuhh everyone.   Today we decided to promote @Zoiezo to Ingame Moderator.   @Zoiezo has been a consistent server support for sometime now and we believe he's ready to tackle th
There will be a website maintenance on 5/14/2017 (12:00 AM UTC - 8:00 PM UTC).   Timing may vary and is not exactly precise. This is just an estimation from the website database transfer t
Dear Players, This topic is to notify the public of the tiny rule that was put back into place. Luring via shoutbox/yell is now considered illegal. Please remember that this rule only applies t
Murder Mysteries Event
      Welcome to Murder Mysteries     - There has been a murder in Grinderscape and we need your help in solving it!   - Each day during this week I will
MOTM May: Nominations
What is MOTM? Member of the Month (MOTM) is a rank that was created to recognize a player of our community each month who goes above and beyond what is expected of them. These people go out
Outfit contest #25 [Special] ~ Big Prizepot
Outfit Contest #25   Introduction In celebration of the International Museum Day this outfit contest will be hosted in the name of this day.   The objective of International M
8 Ball Pool Tournament #5
8 Ball Pool tournament is back! It's a simple game, you just play pool! If you don't have an account with miniclip, signing up is simple. Just enter your email, your desired username, and your
Achievement of the Month: May
  What is the Achievement Event? The achievement event is an event for the players of Grinderscape to display their recent achievement! The term "achievements" is defined as recent re
Yes, people in discord are helping test, once that's finished we are releasing.
Guys a few more sneak peaks!    
The NPC system is pretty much done, just require a few adjustments, while it I'm reworking all bosses using the new system.   Now players will also absorb NPC damages! And player's protection prayers will also work agains't NPCs (which didn't happen), and now players defence will affect NPC's accuracy (unlike atm which is your attack affecting NPCs accuracy, duh...)     Just to keep you tunned!   Tarn was al