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Welcome to Grinderscape

Start your journey today! From our detailed sklling to our perfect combat system that matches the smallest details you can imagine. OSRS trading allowed, staking, and active gambling zone with 5 different modes including Blackjack!

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Bugs and Fixes:

- Fixed a bug with Graceful clothing when it could not be equipped.

- Fixed Agility skill task when finishing Brimhaven Agility Arena obstacles.

- Fixed Krystilia Slayer tasks which did not count when slaying monsters in The Wilderness.

- Fixed Runecrafting skilling tasks not counting on certain type of runes.

- Revamped the in-game announcement messages by removing old ones and adding latest ones.

- You now have 1/3 chance of getting a BONUS barrows item when completing barrows.

- Fixed an issue with Rock crabs being aggressive all the time which could lead to major afk boosting.

- Fixed a bug with Abyssal demons teleporting outside the Slayer tower on their special effect.

- You can now change your spell book from the Magic skillcape.

- Fixed Prayer skilling tasks


Bugs and Fixes:

- Fixed all Iorwerth Slayer tasks that weren't giving any points.

- Fixed running regeneration rate and made it 1:1 OSRS with member rank benefits: * Bronze 10% faster rate, Ruby 20%, Topaz 30%, Amethyst 40%, and all the higher ranks will provide 50% regeneration rate.

- Fixed the rope climb destination near Slash bash cave in Karamja's dungeon.

- Fixed run energy bug on potions including Stamina potion effect.

- Fixed a bug where adding player to ignore list will turn all friends offline.

- Staircase at Rogue Castle has been fixed to prevent users from being able to walk anywhere.

- You can no longer make fires under NPCs or near doors.

- Resolved a problem with Mage's tower ladder problem causing freeze issue.

- Birdhouses will now re-appear in Edgev


Bugs and Fixes:

- Fixed a bug with the Traveling system which allowed players to skill during the activity.

- Fixed a bug where players would reincarnate while doing an Agility obstacle.

- Fixed a bug with Warriors guild dummies where you can still execute them after they're gone.

- Fixed Birthday balloons attack style caching upon switching to another weapon.

- Varrock bank door, Al-Kharid gates, and many more will now work properly once again.

- Fixed Golden chicken equipment slot.

- Fixed Bandits, Ents, Vampires, and many more emotes and mechanics.

- Fixed a bug where you couldn't interact with Numpty in the Blast furnace.

- Fixed the ladder destination in the Lava maze dungeon.

- Fixed a bug with the Duel arena where players can spam click accept button to skip confirm screen.

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