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Hello Guys,

In an attempt to keep frequent updates, I'm releasing today some new cool features and fixes, Grand Exchange is still under development and will take a long time to test, so in the meantime I want to keep bringing new cool stuff for ya'll.




1. Weapon Game

2. Dragonfire Protection

3. Quick Poll System

4. Hardcore XP grain improvement

5. Slayer Reward Shop - Price changes.

6. Key Binding - New feature.

7. Quick Drop - New donator feature.

8. Death Loot - Death loot timer improvements perks.

9. Grave Teleport - New Item.

10. Runecrafting - Item perk improvement.

11. Miscellaneous - Tons of adjustments and fixes.




Weapon Game


An improvement on the system to prevent WG items leaking was applied, now we are ready to finally reward items for Weapon Game.




Players gain 1 Weapon Game point for each level gained.

Players gain 1 Weapon Game point each 10 kills.

Until player reach level 60, 20 participation points is rewarded per level gained.




Once player reach level 400 on any class, the command ::resetwg can be used to reset the levels and gain 1 Prestige point.

Prestige points will be used for more things in the future, but for now it increases by 20% the level up reward points for each prestige point that player has.

Meaning that 2 prestige points, players would gain 40% boost on the level up reward.




Dragonbone melee and mage sets are now available at Weapon Game store;

Fighter torso can now be obtained from Weapon Game store, the rarity from drops were increased.

The metal gloves are all untradable.




Dragonbone Set


The Dragonbone set is a tradable item, the purpose of it in the shop is to reward the players who plays for months straight, and reward them accordingly.

The players who are not willing to grind for the full set, can purchase from the ones who played a lot.






Dragon Fire protection


Even thought our anti-fire protection system used to work like RS|OSRS, it was confuse to some players how the Dragonfire shield protects the same as anti-fire shield, so in order to give some extra value to Dragonfire Shield, it will absorb 80% of the Fire Breath damage rather than 50% like used to be.


Now when player doesn't have any antifire protection enabled, the mage protect prayer will absorb 30% of dragonfire damage, this will not stack with other anti-fire effects.


Here's the fire breath absorption table:


Antifire-Potion - 50% - Stackable

Antifire-shield - 50% - Stackable

Dragonfire Shield - 80% - Stackable

Super antifire potion - 100%

Mage Protection - 30% - Non - Stackable





Quick Poll System


Know what players want is really important to the progress of the game, so a system that allows us to quickly make polls and players to vote and see the results instantly was created.


You can open polls by using the command ::open-poll <id> there's no interface to check old polls yet, but once a poll is created it will pop on player's screen automatically.


We are able to reward participation points for contributing in the polls.

Players must have 24 hours of play-time in order to vote, each player can only vote once.






Hardcore XP gain improvement


The hardcore experience gain was improved according community poll input.

The current experience of all hardcores were increased according new rates.




Slayer Reward Shop


The Slayer Reward shop assignment features prices were adjusted to be more interesting.



The feature 'Teleport to current task location' price is now according player's rank:

Extreme Donators: 1 Point

Super Donators: 2 Points

Others: 3 Points




Key Binding


A new key binding option 'Interrupt combat' is available, it will interrupt current combat, you may notice this being useful at Frost Dragons.

It has no default key defined, so you must choose one if you wish to use this feature.




Quick Drop


A new feature available to Super Donators allow players to hold shift and click on an item to drop it.

It's an optional feature and can be toggled at Settings interface.






Death Loot


Death loot timer: Means the time that an item lost upon death remains INVISIBLE to others.


Those changes only affect death to monsters, as in the wild the timers remains the same.


Death Loot timer is now displayed upon death




A new feature to increase death loot timer is available.

The feature will increase the death loot timer by 5 minutes for every purchase, you can purchase it for 4 times only.



A New vote streak feature will permanently increase by 5 minutes the death loot timer!



In case player dies while disconnected, the loot timer will be set to 30 minutes.

Only applies when players has disconnected over 10 seconds before the death.


Grave Teleport


A new teleport tab allows players to teleport to their latest death location.

It's available at Participation Points shop for 40 points each, they are trade-able.



The teleport will be available only when players get the grave timer displayed.

It will not work at minigames and wilderness or any death to other players.





Now Greater Runic Staff can be used on noted talismans to unote it.







Castle Wars hybrid pieces prices were reduced from 30m each to 8m each on recovery store.

Hexcrest and Focus sight will now wear on the correct slot, their death-keep priorities were also adjusted.

Some problems related to Teleblock were fixed.

Star sprite npc is now available full time next to the Observatory.







Frost dragon will no longer max hit every time.

Slayer full helm will now protect from Slayer monster effects.

Ganodermic, Polypore, Korasi's death keep value were adjusted.

Ancient Book stats were adjusted to fit OSRS stats.


Chaos elemental teleport is available at 'Boss' tab. ~



All ground fire should work to cook foods.

All ranges should should work now to cook foods.

Now players will face the interacted objects properly. (i.e: Trees)

Edgeville Stalls are now properly clipped, players no longer will be able to get over it.

Players will not have to manually walk to Chief Thief Robin.

The gate next to edgeville shop is now working.

Pouch Infuse X option is now working.

Donator Totem names and examines were adjusted.

There's a second message explaining better how player should start using the stalls at Edgeville.

Now once player receive the Chief Thief Robin successful pickpocket message the player will be able to steal the stalls without need finish the whole dialogue.

More food types were added to 'Bakery Stall'.

Now edgeville stalls once stolen, will become empty for the duration that player would have to wait in order to steal again. ~

Logs sale prices were adjusted.

Players no longer will be able to bank from outside Camelot bank.

Bucket of Water causing disconnects was fixed.

A typo on the spellbook diamond enchant spell was fixed.

A typo on the trade interface tooltip was fixed.

Some spiritual magers not rewarding any slayer experience was fixed.

A problem related to item inventory stacking when switching equipment, was fixed.

A problem that supporters wouldn't be able able to attack any monster at wild even on Combat mode was fixed.

A problem with clan promotions saving was fixed.




Hey guys,


Today I've worked on the forums to fix the issue's we were experiencing.

Normally I don't deal with issue's on the forums, but since this issue has been around for so long and Lou hasn't had the time to fix it yet I did.

As you might have noticed we only have one theme, this has been done on purpose, I had to disable the other ones because they were giving issue's.

Due to a recent forum update, things changed in the code which made some themes not work anymore.


So I bought the newest version of Vilian and put it on here, I will keep it up to date so we won't run into issue's anymore.

We are probably getting a custom theme done by the same developers of this theme soon, but for now we'll have to stick with this one.

As for the updates, I've told Lou to look at the update logs more carefully or ask me to do the updates so we don't run into issue's like these anymore.


Oh, the shoutbox atm isn't working properly, I'm aware but I cannot fix this as someone else hosts our shoutbox.

I'm talking to lou atm to move the shoutbox hosting to either grinderscape itself, or my personal hosting so I can fix it whenever it breaks without having to talk to someone else.


@Saim told me that he really liked the vilian one, so I made a few tweaks to make it look more like that one, if you like that one better please choose the Less Transparancy theme at the botton of the page!




Hello guys,


We've had an issue with voting for quite some time, most people could vote just fine but some couldn't get all the points that they do deserve!

As I explained in my other thread, this was because of IPv4 and IPv6, because I couldn't find a proper solution for this I added different ways of vote checking.

All websites are now being checked based on a incentive callback, what happens is whenever you vote on their website, they send a node to our server that says, hey user with number x has voted.

I've monitored the votes and I can see that everything is working fine, thanks to the users that sent me a private message with some private information so I could investigate the issue!!

@Valar can you please verify if everything works for you as well? I'm 99% sure it will!


Somehow the forum feed wasn't working for the developer blog anymore, looks like the forums were updated without telling me so there were some API changes on the forums.

This small issue has been resolved.


And I've added some extra security to the forums, ALL our staff members that have ANY permissions on the forums are now required to have google authenticator set up.

Google Authenticator is a second authentication method just like SMS verification etc, regular users can also set this up for themselfs in the settings.

We've added this extra security measurement just to be safe, don't worry, nothing happened that made me do this!



Hello everyone. For quite some time now, Tyler has been doing a great job as a sectional moderator. He does his duties, works hard and we all around feel that he is worthy of taking the next step, and as such, he will be receiving a promotion. This means Tyler will be able to work in all sections, lessening the restrictions put on him during the time he was a sectional. We are all positive Tyler will do a great job!




Regards, Grinderscape forum staff. 

With the vacant position of a Sectional Moderator position, we decided to promote Sectional%20Moderator.png@Icarly65 to the New Sectional Staff rank

Icarly65 (Chris) will moderate the next sections posted in the pic


We do think chris will do well and will succeed in his new Role as Sectional on Forums

Chris Rank on Forums will be shown as elite Moderator since he does have that rank in-game but will also have the sectional rank

Congratz Chris

What's going on everybody. Earlier today we decided to promote Lego69 to the server support rank, however there was another person that we also thought has been doing great in game as well.


@Adam1343 has been helpful, and has been doing a great job in becoming a role model for other players. We think that he is ready to take the next step and become a server support. Adam is also in +10 gmt, so he will be covering a very needed timezone. As Tyler said in the other thread earlier today, we will be watching all new server supports to see how well they do. Best of luck to Adam, and welcome to the team (y)





What is the Outfit Contest? 


The outfit contest is an event where members go and display or come up with their best looking/creative outfit that matches the contest theme for the time being. As this is the first since the reset, we are going to start easy :D The theme is "Freestyle" this means show us any outfit, make it look good and snappy. If you have any ideas for another theme for the next contest then please let me know.


How it works


The contest is simple. First I will be providing information on how to enter and will be explaining the theme (Basically this thread). After that I will collect contest entries from those who have entered. I will be giving everyone exactly one week for users to submit an entry to me via Private Message on forums. After this, I will select the best ones and there shall be a public vote. Everyone will be able to vote for their outfit they like anonymously.



How to participate


 Go to my profile and send me a PM with the entry/screenshot of the outfit. This must be your own outfit. or you can click compose new under "Messages"




Rules & Guidelines:


- You must follow the theme chosen. Failure to do so will result in a disqualification. (Theme is freestyle)

- Send your entry in a PM to the contest host, "Anz". Do NOT post them as a reply to this thread.

- Your outfit must be completely original. Do not copy anyone's outfit.

- You must include the contest number in your picture in the bottom, in the format "OC #(number) Type OC #27 on screenshot.

- Do not put your name in the picture. The voting will be anonymous.

- You have one week to submit your outfit, the second week will be for the voting on who has the best outfit.


Entry should look like this





       20 million Cash


                  Party Hat Userbar on forums, red, yellow, blue and purple color (Winner picks one)




This contest's theme:



Get ya best outfit and enter, it can be anything. Just freestyle it as it's our first one back.

This thread is for Ziko.


Choose 1 of the questions in the poll and whichever gets the most votes will happen for the 100m giveaway.


It's time! below is the brackets for the PK tournament. Here you will find out who you will be facing. Add them in-game and message them to fight. Remember to read the rules again and make sure staff or someone will watch the fight. I will hopefully be there.


Pk Tournament

This event will work as a bracket Tournament, everyone will be given a target to square off against another player. This will be given using So everything will be random.

Ideally there should be 32, but due to the reset there will be less.

Both players will fight until death. To make this simple this will be a best of three.

Therefore, if it is 1-1. the last round will be a tiebreaker. Basically you need to win 2.

If you win the first two, you won't be required to have the last fight

Winners will advance to round 2.   



This is a Dharoks tournament only, with only dds being the spec weapon allowed

Gear should look like this as shown below



Helm - Dharok's helm

Body - Dharok's platebody

Legs - Dharok's platelegs

Boots - Dragon boots

Cape - Any skillcape, firecape allowed (No kiln or comp cape)

Amulet - Amulet of fury

Weapon - D scimitar and Dds

Shield - Rune kite-shield

Gloves - Barrows gloves

Ring - Ring of recoil(No o ring)




You can take 2 brews or more if you want.

Vengeance is Allowed

 Using karambwans is allowed

Only spec weapon allowed is Dds. 

Event team member or a staff member must watch the fight and will PM me the results.

No teleporting/tabbing- If you do this you forfeit that round and your opponent gets a point

Givebacks- Items will be given back to your opponent if you kill them (unless both agree to risk fight it)

* No Protection prayers, only use Turmoil / Berserk/SS and wrath

No combat pot


Round 1


12. ( @Dont Lure)Tank vs   4.(@Ziko) Ziko

1. @Grandem vs 7.(@ballin 56) I pk 4 billz

6.( @Dragenforce2) Jack vs 13.(@nikolas287

3. @Zoiezo vs 14. Epo

9.( @Im Jump) Jump vs 16.Troy

11. (@Rippa) Matt vs   10. (@Jesse) soul rune

2. @Russ vs    15 @Range Des1re

8. @Bang vs  5. @Kakarotto


2. Russ - 2

15. range des1re - 0


3. Zoiezo - 2

14. Epo - 0


5. Kakarotto- 2

8. Bang - 0


11. Matt - 2

10. Soul rune- 0


6.Jack - 2

13. Nikolas287- 1


7. I pk 4 billz - 2

1. Grandem - 0


4. Ziko - 2

12. Tank - 0


9. Jump - Goes to Round 2

16. Troy - Away so Jump will go through to round 2


You will have 3 days to fight the target. Remember to tell staff to watch or an event team member.


A bit messy but that was the best i could do lol.


Round 2 ( Everyone has new numbers now)


9. Jump @Im Jump vs 1. Russ @Russ 2-0 Russ wins


4. Matt @Rippa vs 2. Zoiezo @Zoiezo 2-0 Matt wins



3. Kakarotto @Kakarotto vs 7. Ziko @Ziko   2-0 Ziko Wins



5. Jack @Dragenforce2 vs 6. I PK 4 billz @ballin 56 1-1 both died by wrath at the end. Therefore I'm going to give it to I pk 4 billz as he had food left. Also he has had a good record of 2-0 in his previous fight. Others have also voted. Winner is I PK 4 billz through unanimous decision! :hurr: 


Semi finals


1. Russ - 2 (Welcome to Final)

 4. Matt - 0


7. Ziko -2

6. I pk 4 billz - 0 


(Winner to face Russ in final)


3rd Place

Matt vs I pk 4 billz




Russ vs Ziko


Russ wins 2-0



3 months ago

Yes, people in discord are helping test, once that's finished we are releasing.

4 months ago



4 months ago