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2016-08-22 13:38:11

So, today marks 2 years since I joined GrinderScape. For almost half of that time I've been a forum staff, and managed to work my way up to global mod. I can honestly say it's been an absolute pleasure staffing the forums with some truly great people. They all know who they are so I don't need to mention anyone. I want to say a special thank you to you all, those that staffed with me in the past and those who staffed with me up until today. I also wanna thank the forums community, which in my opinion has been great up until recently, where it's starting to die down a little bit.

So the reason for my resignation? Honestly, a mixture of a lack of motivation and just being tired of being staff. Being a staff can be great a lot of the time, but at other times it just becomes a chore and you have to deal with some really toxic people. College is starting again soon and I want to focus on my studies too.


I'm fairly certain a lot of people will be happy with this resignation, and I'm fine by that. They'll probably respond to this thread too, which will produce some chuckles out of me, so go ahead. Whether I'll be seen as a good staff member isn't up for me to decide. I've tried my hardest and that's all that really matters to me.


I'd also like to give a shoutout to @0xCAFEBABE. Your wish has finally come true.



a57bf7fa60d54d928d2735efc29ddd9f.png 252a217c6e5847a9b8acde9bc9570eb6.png 


80a4abd9226e42288fef28768903724e.png  b87117e96e254e3083ae3e889af337da.png




For those of you that care, I'll still be around, just without the crown by my name. Thanks again.


2016-08-18 22:00:14

First off, I would like to apologize on behalf of the entire staff team for not having this thread out sooner.


A few months ago, we came to an agreement to set a RSGP trade limit. The limits are:

300M 07/ RS3 intotal

Once you’ve reached either 300m 07 / RS3 in total, you will be blacklisted. Rules of the blacklist:
1) While blacklisted, you cannot buy RSGP on any of the account(s) you own nor have another member of Grinderscape buy RSGP for you. Doing so will result in a permanent host ban with your items possibly being wiped.

2) You cannot appeal to be taken off the blacklist. The staff team decides when a player will be removed from the blacklist (no exceptions).

3) You can still sell RSGP while blacklisted. Although you may still sell RSGP, selling RSGP will not make you eligible to be removed from the blacklist.


Let me give an example of the rules so everyone understands it so the won't have to be any discussions afterwards

First you trade 233 mil 07( total), later you trade 65mil Rs3( total), means you almost reached your limit ( 233+65 makes 298)

You are allowed to buy 2 mil 07 or Rs3, then Limit is reached and you'll be blacklisted.


If you have any questions about this, feel free to pm any staff member.

2016-08-14 20:51:00

Dear players,


Today we decided to promote N36mQsR.pngShwoop to Server Support.

@Shwoop has been doing a great job and has been helping out a lot for quite some time now, and we believe he's ready for the chance as a server support.

Thijs lives in the Netherlands (GMT + 1) & will be helping out mostly at this timezone.

Of course as all promotions, he will be on a 2 week trial.

Congratulations Thijs, and good luck!


Regards, GrinderScape Staff

Well, I thought getting demoted to SS would give me the motivation to get my activity back up. Well, if anything its demotivated me. That along with me not enjoying the game anymore, as I previously have felt, I feel its ample time to resign for good.
I've thoroughly enjoyed my time playing Grinderscape, meeting new people and becoming friends with a handful, who of which i'd love to still keep talking to them.
I'd like to thanks the entire staff team over the period of time that I was a staff member for making it such an enjoyable time.
Also, thank you Max and Ron for allowing me to become a staff member in the first place, and then Niels for allowing me to return at the end of last year.
I will come back ingame regularly to talk to people, but I have no intentions of staying for a consistant amount of time.
I'll probably regret this rather soon, but oh well.

Thanks for the great time,

2016-08-09 18:45:32

Dear players,


Today we decided to promote N36mQsR.pngJordan to Server Support.

@Jordan has been doing a great job and has been helping out a lot for quite some time now, and we believe he's ready for the chance as a server support.

Jordan lives in the England (GMT + 0) & will be helping out mostly at this timezone.

Of course as all promotions, he will be on a 2 week trial.

Congratulations Jordan, and good luck!


Regards, GrinderScape Staff

Hey guys,


This week I've been working on some fixes and additions for the website, it's been a while since I lastly did an update.

Since we moved to new forum software I also had to update the homepage feeds, as you might have noticed they were outdated or not working, they now should all work properly again (except for the developer blog tab, since that thread is still being processed on the forums).


Many of you guys have also been complaining about the highscores not working, I'm sorry for that, I was working hard on reworking the highscores.

Previously our highscores were caching results which meant that you could sometimes get outdated data, now I actually managed to optimize our queries ALOT so that it can now easily load within a few ms so that you guys can actually see live highscores which also is alot faster then it was.


I've also added a small thing on the highscores so that when you search for a user and you then press on the skill (to see your position in the tree) it will give the row a red background so you can easily see where you are placed at.





Some highscores data is a little broken and not totally correct so there may be really small incorrect rank numbers, I will try to fix these up over the next weeks.


I have also added email templates for most of our emails sent by the homepage, these look a lot more professional now then the plain text it showed before.





And with that I've also updated the homepage framework that is used and cleaned up alot of bad code.


There are also minor design changes made, if you encounter any problems, please let me know!



2014-06-25 15:23:05


In this thread I'll be posting things things that I want to say or discuss with the community,

feel free to post, just remember to keep on the topics mentioned,

please don't talk about random things here.

I'll use this thread to post my thoughts and see how community reacts, that's not a Q&A thread, don't post about things not mentioned before.

2016-08-03 16:55:32

Hey I'll be posting bellow progress on Combat Scratch Rework Updates!



Max Hit splash system was created, all damages that are equal or ABOVE max hit (in case of special) will render with a different splash








Now Run Energy is capped to 100, the energy will drain according player weight which is now calculated as well!

The Run energy restore speed is now based on player's agillity level! 

All those changes affect a lot combat making effects such as energy leech more useful!





-- Multi Combat Areas


All Game Multi combat areas were reviewed and adjusted, a few new ones were added, but all Wildy multi area was re-created as the following:





-- Phoenix Necklace


Phoenix Necklace was reworked together with Ring of Life and Ring of Recoil (Which were mentioned on my blog)


- Phoenix Necklace will recover 30% of player's max life in case health falls bellow 20%, on duel arena will only have effect in case Food is allowed, the effect will also prevent next tick damage.


--- Poisoned Weapons


Now Poisoned Weapons will apply poison effect over the damaged player


There are weapons with Weak (p), Regular (p+) and Strong (p++) poison damages (4 - 5 - 6).






Hello Players,

Today I've worked on some ways to prevent in-game boosting and a few other things, let's see how it turns out!

Castle Wars

An anti-boosting system was added to the game.

Players no longer will be able to join with multiple accounts from same host
The minimum amount of players to start a game was increased to 2 per team.
Players will not be able to capture flags when there's no players in the opposite team.


God birds were added to Castle Wars shop.

God's Capes and Hoods were added to Castle Wars shop.


Castle Wars Boss


Every 2 minutes and 30 seconds a boss will spawn at center of battle-field.


The boss Max HP depends on the amount of players playing.

Each time the boss is killed, the team that dealt most damage will be rewarded with an effect.

So everyone in the team will have the effect activated.


First Effect: Rewarded when boss is killed for the first time.

Restless - All players will not spend any energy point when running.

Second Effect: Rewarded when boss is killed for the second time.

Harm - Barrage will not freeze the player with that effect.

Players will gain extra tickets reward for killing the bosses


You will no longer see attack option on your team mates



Wild anti boosting was disabled, it's re-enabled.

Weapon Game

An anti-boosting system was applied to the game.

Players who have 3 + active recurring kill history in the last 5 minutes of a player host will not gain any reward.
Each kill will remain active in the history for 5 minutes, in case player has 3 active kills, no reward will be given.

Players will now gain 1 Weapon Game point every 10 kills at Weapon Game, meaning that now maxed players can still get Dominion Swords.

Rewards dropped on floor will no longer appear to other players, and will remain only 30 seconds available.


Dominion swords may now last 1 hour rather than 30 minutes in combat.

Fight Pits

An anti-boosting system was applied to the game.

Only unique players will be counted in the waiting room (One host only)
Only one account per host will join the fight, the alternative accounts will be left in the waiting room on startup.
The required amount of players to start a match was increased to 3.


A bug allowing players to walk to NPCs while frozen was fixed.

Crashed stars no longer can be spotted from distance.

A bug making some client crash on low specs computer was fixed.

Bank screenshot item amount colors will change according the amount now.


About combat update:

Most spells from all spells books are finished, a few things are left to be adjusted, thanks to Not Russ help, lot's of progress could be done!



Currently I'm working on Combat Updates and much have been done, magic system combat-related is nearly finished already together with melee and range and soon we're stepping to rework prayer and following systems, those in development support team can confirm that everything is running smoothly.

But today I'll be releasing a few Live-game fixes


Red Skull may no longer become white skull when attacking another player at wild.


Barrows Kill count will be displayed on surface now as well.


Bank Settings no longer will be affected by Duel Arena Challenging settings (All bank settings were reset)

Fixed an issue caused when player teleport|attack or get barraged|attack someone, making player appear in a location that is not the real player location.


Fixed a big bug related to ironman|trading.

Now when becoming ironman, all task progress will be reset avoiding easy gain of mystery boxes.

Most player points and collection box will now be reset when player become an ironman or die as hardcore ironman.

Clan Chat

'Spectrum' and 'Help' clan were merged, now everyone who attempt to join 'help' clan will now join 'Spectrum'.

Admins can join any clan chat even if banned now.

Admins are able to set co-owners for clan chats.

2016-08-25 21:46:56

Barrows armour FFA


Hello guys, so recently I've came up with an event, and I hope it'll go very well. 

How this event will happen is, I will advertise the event for about half an hour. After that happens it'll be 7pm and we will all meet up at Varrock. Here I will give you a random barrows set and write down your name and the set you were given in a document. This set MUST be returned, or else you will be jailed by a staff member and stay there until you give it back.

After I give everybody a set, we will swiftly move to fight pits. There will be a total of 10 free-for-all rounds using barrows armour only.

As usual, there are rules. You must follow these rules at all times. The event team and some staff members will be looking out for cheaters.

  • No teaming. We will be looking out for teamers. You will be given warnings. After the warnings you will be disqualified.
  • No rings, boots, gloves, shields, amulets and capes. The top 5 will be checked and if you were found wearing any of those, you'll be disqualified for 5 rounds.
  • If you disrupt the event such as wearing a different armour, you will be jailed until the event ends.
  • You can set up your inventory as you like.
  • You cannot attack the event hosts.
  • You must return the armour at the end of the event. If you don't you will be jailed until you pay back.
  • You must have atleast 70/70/70 stats. Anything else will be ignored.
  • The people that will have ahrims armour can use any spells except for freeze spells.




1) Myself and a few other people will advertise the event on the day. The event will begin at 7pm GMT.

2)We will all meet at Varrock and players will trade me for a random barrows armour. After you receive a set, teleport to fight caves and wait there until I come.

3) We will start rounds of fight pits, everybody must be wearing barrows armour they were given. Wearing a different one means you will be disqualified.

4) There will be a total of 10 rounds, the prizes will be told tomorrow on this thread.

5) After the event is over, we will all go back to varrock and you must give me the set back. I will have all names of people that were given a set writen down. Failing to give the set back will result in you being jailed until the set is paid back.




Will be announced tomorrow.




****** Week #2 : Top Five Kills ******


(This week, I was looking for the most epic kills)


I got 7 entries this week.




--- Winners of this week---

The winners of this weeks top 5 epic kills are:


1) @Climb Rope

2) @aysar

3) @Magnata

4) @saher khier

5) @Nubownger



Congratulations Climb Rope & thanks to everyone that participated in this event. I hope to see more submissions next week.



Special thanks:






Note: This is my second video with commentary and my pronouncing may not be the best. I tried the best I could & I hope everyone can still enjoy this video.



****** Week #2 : Top Five Kills ******


Back by popular demand! 8 Ball Pool tournament is back! It's a simple game, you just play pool! If you don't have an account with miniclip, signing up is simple. Just enter your email, your desired username, and your desired password. Or even easier, login thru Facebook (not recommended as it is harder to find someone when you're looking for them to face them). Once you sign up, you simply just hit the "Play Friends" button and search for their username. Guides on how to do each thing will be posted in the spoilers below as well as the link to the game.


Signing Up:


First, you must click the link posted above. Then go to the top bar and hit the "sign up/login" button


Then you must hit "register"


Then fill out each of the fields with your information.



Once you fill everything out correctly, you hit sign up "Create Account" and you should be brought back to the loading page of the 8 ball pool game.


Finding your opponent:


Finding your opponent is a simple task, but may be difficult. First, you must click the "Play Friend" button on the home screen.


Once you click the button a screen like this will show up....


In the search bar, enter the username of your opponent. This is where things can get confusing, because if your opponent used Facebook to log in, their username will default to their first name used on Facebook with their profile picture from Facebook. The image below shows and example of how it can be hard to determine which opponent is the correct one to choose.


If you have a hard time finding your opponent and your opponent has a hard time finding you, please PM me as soon as you can so you don't hold up the tournament.



If you have an interest in participating in this event, please comment below and I will add your name to a bracket and by Sunday, if we have enough people, we can start. Bracket matches will be Best of 5 (first person to get 3 wins moves on) Please screenshot your match when you are complete. The Final Match will be the best of 9 (first person to get 5 wins will win the tourney). So start practicing and good luck to everyone!


P.S. Forum prizes will be given to both the winner and the runner up. Winner will receive any forum rank for 2 months and the runner up will receive any forum rank for 1 month. Donator ranks can be found here.



1. Jake

2. Jakey Poo (Shiv)

3. So Yontoo

4. Koen

5. Tabor

6. Santa

7. Dmitrijs

8. Kai


Thank you to everyone that entered this week.

This weeks theme was "Bankstanding outfit".

Don't vote for yourself or pay people to vote for you. 
If you are caught doing so this will result into a disqualification.

Good luck to all participants and may the best outfit win.
















my outfit2.PNG


Voting will end the 27th of august, at 20:40 (GMT +1)



What is the bossing event?


The Bossing Event is going to be held every month. The aim of the event, is to gain the most boss kills (any boss, all bosses) in the duration of two days.

In order to enter this event, you must send a picture on the amount of the boss kills you have, before the start of the event, this can be found under Quest Tab > Top Scores > Boss Kills. Example of this is below:



Please post your image below, or else I will not count your entry.

The moment after you send in the image, the boss killing can begin!


Event Notes


  • You must send in the image before the deadline. The deadline can be seen below.
  • Any images sent in after the deadline WILL NOT count.
  • The participants will also be listed on this post. If you're not on the list message me.
  • At the end of the event if any entries are submitted late, they WILL NOT count.
  • You can only send in ONE starting image, and ONE ending image, if you try and submit another image at the end with more boss kills you will be disqualified.

















These medals are for the olympic event. Read more here.

Start date: 18/08/2016 6pm GMT

End date: 21/08/2016 6pm GMT



2016-08-21 09:23:29

Checkout Combat Beta plans


2016-08-21 09:20:57



As you can see here all teleports will be packed in a single interface, making them much easier to access and less confuse, principally to new players, however it's accessed from the World Map button, which is not available in older game frame versions...

I'm making spell book teleport spells take a player to a single and static position, like their respective cities in case for modern spellbooks, for ancient and lunar may not be like that,

however some teleport cities from modern spellbooks are not that much relevant like trollherim and watchtower, so Im thinking of removing the 'T' teleport button and move the 'W' next to 'H' teleport and make it open the teleport interface, making it a 'World Teleport' thats why the 'W' ;)

I guess everyone is fine with that ^^

2016-08-12 01:43:14

Now that I've pretty much finished with non combat spells, there's another matter:


For the game teleports spells:






I'm planning to make each teleport spell move players to their respective city, and we will provide a manner to teleport to anywhere in the game from a single interface that can be accessed from world map YtRN2Be.png button.

Lunar and Ancient spells teleport would lead to places where players can't arrive using regular teleport methods, which would require runes and mage level.


Looks fine?

2016-08-05 21:55:40

Yay Microblog is back, I had deleted it by mistake while attempting to delete a spam post xD

Thanks @Jordy:D


Guys! I'm posting combat news here:



I've made like that so I have it all in a single place, will be easier when I need to get all the data to make an update note xD

2016-07-18 14:52:52

I suppose we are almost there! (NO ETA)