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Check out our latest updates !
GrinderScape Update ( 06 - 10 - 17)
      Hello Guys,    This is the first update notes after what has happened, so I'd to take this opportunity to thank you all for supporting us so much, we are really g
GrinderScape Update ( 06- 06 - 17)
    Hello players,   This Tuesday we will update with some new content and patches!   1. PK Tournament 1.1 - $ 200,00 Weekly reward. 1.2 - Eva's Sword and Sh
GrinderScape Update ( 05 - 30 - 17)
      Hello Dears,   In this Tuesday we are coming with great new content and lots of patches!   Summary   1. Dwarf Multicannon & New Tasks
GrinderScape Update ( 05 - 19 - 17)
          Community Input   Rune Pouch was reduced to 750 Participation Points.  - Note that the main purpose of Participation points shop is to provide
GrinderScape Update ( 05 - 17 - 17)
    Hello Players,    Today some short Tuesday adjustments release!   Combat Changes   Dragon Spear   Some balancing was performed in the Dragon
I had hoped to not write one of these during my tenure, but unfortunately we've had to demote a server support.   The reasoning behind this demotion was because Lisaax failed to act as a s
Asuhh dudes.   Today we decided today to promote Woody2097 to Ingame Moderator @Woody2097 has been an undeviating server support  for a few months now and we believe he's ready fo
Today I am forced to demote a Sectional Moderator from his duties It looks like his priorities are somewhere else but not here where it should be " Grinderscape" This has been goin on for a
Donations Returning
Hello guys,   Finally we are ready to allow you guys to return your donation.   In order to automatically return your donation, you will need to use your: Invoice ID & Pay
Since we have a new world and players are having to start over completely account wise, we've decided to repeal all bans (except for disputing), jails and mutes. Along with these being repealed, a
Outfit Contest #26
Outfit Contest #26   What is the Outfit Contest? The outfit contest is an event/activity where members take place coming up with the best looking/creative outfit that matches the contest
MOTM June: Nominations
What is MOTM? Member of the Month (MOTM) is a rank that was created to recognize a player of our community each month who goes above and beyond what is expected of them. These people go out
Event - DDS Tournament
Welcome to the 1st Offical Grinderscape DDS tournament. Each stage of the tournament will consist of up to 7 rounds Example:  The first person to win 4 duels progresses to the next stage.
Official Weekly Pk Tournament - 200$ Prize Pool
Credits to Valar   Chance to win a part of the 200$ Prize Pool every week!   Rewards   Grand Prize   Second Place   Third Place   Pa
Yes, people in discord are helping test, once that's finished we are releasing.
Guys a few more sneak peaks!    
The NPC system is pretty much done, just require a few adjustments, while it I'm reworking all bosses using the new system.   Now players will also absorb NPC damages! And player's protection prayers will also work agains't NPCs (which didn't happen), and now players defence will affect NPC's accuracy (unlike atm which is your attack affecting NPCs accuracy, duh...)     Just to keep you tunned!   Tarn was al