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Hello guys,


Today I'm releasing a few content to bring some exciting changes while Grand Exchange is under development :D 




Jungle Strikewyrm


The jungle strikewyrm is now working, they are located at very south of Castle Wars




The Strikewyrms are slayer monsters assignment, they must be assigned to be killed and will be assigned after level 73 of Slayer by 'Chaeldar', 'Summona', 'Duradel', 'Kuradal'

They are immune to poison, weak against stab.


They have two attack methods: Melee, Mage

Each attack will poison the player.



Drop Table



Desert Strikewyrm


The desert strikewyrm is now working, they are located at east of Al-Kharid center 


The Strikewyrms are slayer monsters assignment, they must be assigned to be killed and will be assigned after level 77 of Slayer by 'Summona'

They are immune to poison, weak against stab.




Drop Table



Full Slayer Helmet


Now players are able to combine a hexcrest and focus sight with a slayer helmet to build a full slayer helmet and gain bonuses at ranged and mage class during slayer!




Slayer Shop


Slayer shop will now sell colored full slayer helms to players that have learnt to craft slayer helms



The price of Darklight sword was reduced to 350 points.


Combat Overlay


Current task progress is now displayed at combat overlay - Donators only



Cooking perks




Chef's hat and White Apron are now available at Voting store for 20 points each, they can be used 500 x times before degrading into dust, they are tradable.


Cooking cape:

Provides 25% of chance of cooking two raw foods at once.


Chef's hat: 

Boost experience gain by 50%


White Apron:

Boost experience gain by 25%

Boost cooking speed by 1 tick.



Lava Whip


We have many more vines than lava whips into the economy, so the Lava Whip price was reduced to make it slightly more accessible





Streak Rewards


Streak Rewards have been adjusted for Dicers and Donators.


Dicers: instead of gaining 1 dice credit, will now gain 250k of experience bonus.

Donators: instead of gaining 2 days of donators, will now gain 20 Yell credits.






A Bug in reaper collection prices was fixed thanks to @Juicy

Bar shop prices were fixed to be priced according their tier proportionally

Reduced extreme  of doses potions are not sellable as full dose potions used to be.

A problem allowing players to quickly bank at maple trees at Camelot was fixed.

Reaper is now also located at Edgeville

TzHaar bankers no longer will attack players under aggression pot effect.

Now clan chat configuration changes should be saved properly.



Task master achievement will now be announced!



Scroll reward re-roll count is added to point check interface



As requested by the community, the Book of Law stats have been adjusted.



Blast Fusion hammer is now available at Crystal Chest with same rarity as Darklight.


Some sneaks of Grand Exchange was already leaked here on Forums so... NO ETA






Hey guys,


I was on holiday for the past 5 days and came back yesterday night again, I had a great time!

In the time that I was gone there were some minor issue's as I checked the logs when I came back.


Some people were complaining about emails not sending, I resolved this issue, also all emails are now being sent from [email protected] instead of seperate accounts which makes it easier to maintain.


Pb also told me that he had to disable the website messages from the marketplace on the game because there were some spammers abusing it.

I've now added two things, you need to have logged in ingame to be able to create a sale, and you may now only make 1 sale per hour.

This will reduce spam and make sales more useful again, the marketplace messages ingame should be enabled shortly.


This week I'm going to try and finish the landing, unfortunately not many people helped making pictures so I'll have to make them!








Hello guys,

Today I'll be releasing some small and interesting content and adjusts!





Items Graphic


A few more items will now change once player enables the 'Item Graphic' option:



Armadyl Set




Bandos set





Dragon Trimmed Set


A new item is available at donation store only:

Only a few will be able to be purchased monthly, this should keep the set very rare.

It's tradable and has stats slightly superior to regular dragon set, but the big deal of it is the style.





Fixes & Adjusts


- Ruby Bolt(e) are now working properly.

- The two Scroll-tasks which the God Mager was not transforming into Uri upon death are now fixed.

- Premium Store was charging the original value of items, ignoring the stock price increase, it is now fixed.

- The 'Ourg Bones' from donation store turned out to be too cheap, the price was changed to

- Max will no longer aggress players under 'aggression pot' effect, you guys are safe now.

- The combat overlay will now highlight the life lost 


- In the previous update, after shop purchasing prices were adjusted, their sell prices unintentionally got lowered too much, this was fixed, however prices are slightly lower than used to be for purchase on most items.

- Magic note paper price was reduced to 5 Participation Points each.

- The Level UP icon for woodcutting no longer looks teared.

- Waterfiend at Ancient dungeon will now drop items 


- Swordfishes are fishing spot is now available at Karamja


- Item sales at fancy store is fixed, players are no longer able to sell general items there.

- Due the amount of players afking at seed stalls, it was nerfed, it will now give less amount of seeds, and will reward a few non stackable items.

- Players will not receive trade, bet, duel and clan invites from ignored players.

- Now once player win a cash reward for killing bosses, it will be placed on the floor in case player's inventory is full.

- Abyssal Guardian and Walker talismans' drop rates were buffed.


- Lucky Pool will also now display a timer as requested by community



- Teleblock timer is available to Donators.




God Books


As suggested, god books are now untradable, the pages are still tradable and you may tear the book pages to disassemble it.







Skill cape prices were adjusted to Hardcore ironman economy difficulty.





The way that Yell used to work is not what we want, having a yell credits so easy gave the players opportunity to use the Yell feature for futile things and make drama, resulting in lots of mutes...


The game is much more peaceful without Yells as we have now, but we are willing to attempt to have Yell available as an actual privilege, so it will be available on the Participation Point shop.




The Yell delay will be 1 minute now, Extreme Donators will have 40 seconds delay.

Yell will now be blocked during system restart to prevent drama.


Sir Vant's Dungeon


The Sir Vant's dungeon main purpose is to provide a different training method to newcomers  but if you knew about how to use it, it would be one of the best ways to max your combat skills, and that's certainly NOT the purpose that it was created for.


- Some resource items drops amount were reduced.

- Items drops on ironman mode will be reduced by half.

- Target kills will boost drop amount by 20%

- Effect timers on ironman will be reduced by 30%;


As the effects are really OP, the timers were reduced:

Faster Attacks: 45 seconds.

4x Experience: 30 seconds.

Max hits only: 40 seconds.

Infinite Special: 40 seconds.

Immortality: 60 seconds.


Donator Zone


Now there are Yew Trees at donator zone.



General Store was added to Donator Zone



The ancient pillar object was removed to stop bothering players training firemaking




Wiki Editor Rank


Now Wiki Manager and Wiki Editor ranks and titles are available.

We will have Ryan as Wiki Manager, he will be in charge of handling the Wiki Editor ranks.





YouTuber Rank


Now YouTuber Manager and YouTuber rank and titles are available.

We will have Saim and K F I F as YouTuber managers, they will be responsible to handle the YouTuber ranks.





Being worked on... no ETA!





Hello everyone. For quite some time now, Tyler has been doing a great job as a sectional moderator. He does his duties, works hard and we all around feel that he is worthy of taking the next step, and as such, he will be receiving a promotion. This means Tyler will be able to work in all sections, lessening the restrictions put on him during the time he was a sectional. We are all positive Tyler will do a great job!




Regards, Grinderscape forum staff. 

With the vacant position of a Sectional Moderator position, we decided to promote Sectional%20Moderator.png@Icarly65 to the New Sectional Staff rank

Icarly65 (Chris) will moderate the next sections posted in the pic


We do think chris will do well and will succeed in his new Role as Sectional on Forums

Chris Rank on Forums will be shown as elite Moderator since he does have that rank in-game but will also have the sectional rank

Congratz Chris

What's going on everybody. Earlier today we decided to promote Lego69 to the server support rank, however there was another person that we also thought has been doing great in game as well.


@Adam1343 has been helpful, and has been doing a great job in becoming a role model for other players. We think that he is ready to take the next step and become a server support. Adam is also in +10 gmt, so he will be covering a very needed timezone. As Tyler said in the other thread earlier today, we will be watching all new server supports to see how well they do. Best of luck to Adam, and welcome to the team (y)



Credits to Valar


Chance to win a part of the 200$ Prize Pool every week!




Grand Prize



Second Place


Third Place





You can only redeem at the end of the month however you can convert into premium points at anytime.


How it works


You can obtain tournament score by actively killing targets in the wilderness and climbing up the rankings.


Tournament Rankings


You can access the rankings at anytime in-game by entering the command ::tournament.



Alternatively you can;


While in the wilderness you are able to check your tournament score and position in real time. (The rank position is updated every ~40 seconds)





We do not tolerate boosting and if done so you will be disqualified from the next tournament.


2 months ago

Yes, people in discord are helping test, once that's finished we are releasing.

3 months ago



3 months ago