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Myself, Jordan and Jordy have decided to promote one of our Sectional Moderators to Global Moderator.

And that person is...


Taalq has contributed a lot to staffing the shoutbox and boards that we feel he is ready to take on some more responsibilities.

As with all promotions he'll be on a two week trial to make sure he is up to the job. Congratulations, Taalq... And good luck.
Hello there,

I'm making this thread just to inform you that I'm resigning as Wiki Manager. I'm currently too busy with other things ( both IRL and on GrinderScape ) to be as active as I was before. Furthermore, I want to focus on my job as in-game/forum moderator.

I don't believe anyone is ready for the position right now so until someone is chosen to be the new Wiki Manager, the applications and decisions will be discussed by the Wiki Team and I'll just promote/remove to Wiki Editor if asked to.

I'll still be in the team to help editing the navigation bar, footer, theme, etc.
The Event Team has decided to set up something on the forums which will allow you to get to know the staff team better. This is going to happen on a week by week basis, and will cover each rank one at a time.
The questions will be mostly Grinderscape related, with a few general life questions. Bearing this in mind, there is a chance that some interviews may be shorter than others as some of the staff may not have as much to say, or may not be as comfortable answering some of the life questions.

We hope that this is something you will enjoy, and we hope that you can use this to gain a better understanding of the types of people who are staff here at Grinderscape, from the Shoutbox Mods and Supports all the way up to the Admins.
Shiv will be posting a thread every week which will be linked down below so that you can easily find any threads you may have missed.


Grinderscape Event Team & Staff Team

In-Game Admins
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Hello players, we are starting February with good news!

Bank Presets

A system that allow players to build presets and quickly withdraw by using hotkeys was created.

The system will disable presets for 2 minutes after dying at wild, to prevent players from rebuilding in secs and coming back extremely quick.

Regular Players: 5
Donators: 6
Super Donators: 8

More slots may become purchase-able at premium point store in the future.

You can access presets by right clicking bank-booth

To set-up your presets you must click at 'Configure Presets'

You can right-click the settings button to rename or clear a preset.

You can decide if your preset will affect inventory or equipment or both at same time.

The first button available will update your preset with your current equipment and inventory, then you must press the second button to save in case you decide to keep the changes.

Potion Decanter

In order to decant a potion you should use the potion you wish to decant on Bob Barter that's located at Grand Exchange

Then you will be requested to input the amount of doses you wish to decant to

Bob will charge a fee based on amount of doses that you're attempting to decant.

Super Donators will gain 50% discount and Donators 25% discount.

In case you try to reduce to a lower dosage Bob may ask you to provide him some vials (Available at Herblore store)

Other changes

High alchemy was enabled on Hardcore mode, however hard economy mode is still applied to it.

Empty vials were added to Herblore shop.

Stock limit was increased at herblore shop.

Lava Whip Slash bonus was adjusted.

Stock recovery rate was increased in the Herblore shop.

Now when you empty items, the inventory will update even if you have bank or shop opened.

Fixed an issue on Bonus Exp removal, it was removing the total of obtained XP rather than just the bonus experience gained.

Fixed an issue on Bonus Exp removal where Ironman and hardcore was suffering removal of an amount from the regular experience rate.

Max cape death-keep priority was reduced.

Blood necklace death-keep priority was increased.

Admins will be able now to see who killed them, allowing to perform some events.

A dupe allowing to make infinite jawleries was fixed thanks to lilnop that from now on will be able to spawn mini Corporeal Beast.

The time that an item remains in the ground after a player drop them on death was doubled. The items will remain 2 minutes invisible to others and more 2 minutes visible to everyone.

Hello Players,
Today I'll be posting the progress of today.

Weapon Game

Players will gain 20 Participation point per level gained until reach level 60.
Stone dispenser will now reward a larger amount of food.
Ava's accumulator was added to the shop for 5k
Melee class will have more armors available. (Torso, Dragon Legs, Berserker Ring (i), Dragon Boots, Dragon Defender)

Range class will now have more armors available ( Barrows Gloves, Ranger Boots, Divine spirit shield, Robin hood hat, Amulet of ranging)

A new item is available at weapon game: "Vengeance Spell"
You may gain as reward or purchase from store for 5K

Once you click on the spell scroll, you'll cast a vengeance and the scroll will be consumed

Blue Dragons Mysterious Entrance

The blue dragon mysterious entrance is available now for Super Donators, there you'll find a big amount of Blue Dragons.


Now you will gain 200K experience bonus every day that you log-in.
A few maps issues were fixed including, Clan Wars, Asgarnian and Jail 2 map was moved.

A bank booth is now available at Blood altar

Hello players!
Half month has past and we already have lots of great updates!


As most of you have noticed, we have 2 more websites to vote on, this helps to spread more server advertisement and bring more players,
however you're allowed to vote only on the websites you wish to vote, and once you're done just click 'Redeem', but the benefit of voting on all new servers is that you'll gain 4 extra points in matter of 30 seconds or so, before you had to wait 12 hours to gain up to 6 points.

Play time requirement to receive participation points for voting was reduced to 5 hours rather than 24.
Now players will gain 35 Participation Points for every site that was voted, resulting in a total of 210 points for all sites.
The chances of Activity Collection for voting chances were increased.
Bonesack will now be available on Ironman voting store, and premium ticket price was slightly increased.

Bloodveld Youngling pet was added to voting store, it's untradable!

Premium Store

The item prices were adjusted, however they may suffer a new readjust soon, we'll be leaving them with a discount for a limited time.

Iron Man

Ironman no longer will require play-time in order to receive participation points for voting.

Super Antifire

Antifire potions and Super antifire potions effect were added to the game.
Antifire portion: Will protect player by 50% against Dragon's breath damage (Stacks with Dragonfire shield becoming 100% protection).
Super antifire potion: Will protect player by 100% against Dragon's breath damage.

The potion effect will last for 6 minutes.
A warning will inform when the effect is about to run out.


Antifire Potion: Lantadyme potion(unf) + Dragon scale dust

Tip: To obtain a Dragon scale dust you should use a Blue dragon scale with a Pestle and mortar

Super antifire potion: Antifire potion + Phoenix feather

Phoenix Feather

In order to obtain Phoenix Feathers you must grab the feathers from Desert Phoenix located at east of Shantay Pass

There's a Premium Feature that allows players to store Phoenix Feathers into BoB (Familiars)

Frost Dragons

Frost dragons are finished, however it's in a Beta mode, so we're only allowing in only the players who have voted in the last 12 hours, for now there's no other requirement, but this may change in the future.

Important Drops: "Frostdragon Bones", "Frostdragon pet", "Draconic visage";

There are two ways to reach Frost Dragons dungeon, however I guess most of you will use only the short way.

First method is walking to south of Port Sarim till reach a trapdoor

Or you could just teleport to "Asgarnian dungeon" from 'Combat Training Teleport'.

Once you're inside the dungeon, you can follow this route:

Be aware that Frost Dragons are quite strong.
Once the Frost Dragon attack a player, it will decide which attack type will use and will stick to this attack type.
Frost dragons are added to NPC kill tracker.
Frost Dragons can deal serious damage if you don't have Antifire protection.
Only Super donators will be able to hold up to 25 Frost Dragon bones inside a Bonesack.
The limit will be expanded by 25 or 12 from Voting Streak points.

The Dragon may enable a Deflection ability which will be rendered over it, the deflect ability will reflect 100% of ANY damage that you deal on it.

Frost Dragon Pets


The Bone chooser interface was reworked to support better expanding and inform limit of stored bones.

Weapon Game

A few changes on Weapon Game were applied to make the mechanics similar to what used to be.
Weapon Game shops were adjusted to result in a better necessities x comfort balance.

All basic bolts|arrows are now 1 coin, meaning that you can pretty much buy as many as you want, you will not end up running out on ammo.

You can also perform unlimited Buy X at Weapon Game store

Ranged class will receive 200K coins when entering the arena, having in mind that players are allowed to buy:
15 Manta rays - 50K
1 Prayer Potion + 1 Range potion - 50k
5k+ of bolts - 5k
Up to 45 Enchanted bolts - 45K

Melee class will receive 100K coins when entering the arena, having in mind that players are allowed to buy:
1 - Prayer Potion + 1 Attack potion + 1 Strength potion - 50K
15 Manta Rays - 50K

There're coins enough to have basic and spend a little on extra things such as enchanted bolts and potions that just became available for sale after shop update, you could choose to spend more on food and less on potions, etc.

When entering in the Weapon Game you must await 15 seconds inside safe box.
You can now only get items from store after you die or re-enter the arena.
Meaning that you can still have more variety of items like enchanted bolts but the restriction to get resources after dying only will be like used to be.

You no longer can come back to safe house after leaving, like used to be.
You no longer can obtain items from shop before respawn (Die)
You can still get food from stone Dispenser every few minutes as usual.
You no longer will receive coins per kill since it's no longer necessary as you only may use the shop after die or enter the arena, rendering it useless.
Players connected from the same host will not receive any reward for killing each-other.
There will be now only 1 Weapon Game store containing all items of both old stores, ordered by prices.

Two new items were added at Weapon Game rewards shop: Dominion Swords and Dominion Crossbow.
In order to purchase the item you must have at least level 200 Weapon Game level in that respective item class.
The item is degradable and may last around 30 minutes in combat.

Storage system

A new storage system to work in parallel with our usual system was created, it will allow MUCH more dynamic content developing and content storage, also a faster data transfer, however it's beta and should be tested under stress of world 1.

Degrading system + Dominion Swords | Crossbows

The new Storage System allowed to create a degrading system, it's not the final Degrading system that we planned but it's a good start.
We will be testing the degrading system with Dominion Swords and Crossbows that are obtained from Weapon Game for 25 points.

Dominion Sword | Crossbow

The Dominion Swords will be stronger than a Vine Whip, there's no wielding requirements for now and will last 30 minutes in combat, however it can ONLY be used against monsters.
The sword potential will increase a lot based on Player Strength, that way it will benefit even those who can wield Vine Whips.

The Dominion Crossbow is stronger than Chaotic Crossbow as the bow itself contains range bonus that will accumulate with ammo bonus, it will degrade after around 30 minutes in combat.


Many mores smileys are available now.


Ignored players will now appear as orange in the minimap.

Players will no longer see the following ignored players' messages: "Shout", "Clan Message", "Clan Private Message"


A few things in the combat system were modified, max hit formula was improved and now it's more reliable and predictable, allowing to adjust better hits as we want them to be.
A few other things in the background were improved.

Locked Experience

Now all experience obtained while XP is locked will be counted.
You can check your progress on the Points check interface

It's ranked in Top Scores as well


More skilling messages are now filter-able.
Infernal mage got drop table improved, it will now drop: "Beginner wand", "Aprentice wand", "Teacher wand", "Master wand", "Mage's book", "Ancient staff"

You will now be able to mix potions with full inventory.
Avatars are now aggressive as used to be.
Loooots of missing maps were added and maps without object were fixed.
Now only fight pits winners will get the item rewards.
Shantay pass bank chest will now work.
Hint icon will be removed once a barrow brother is killed.
Mutant tarn and Commander Ziliana kills will now be announced.
Added support for 'red block' icon at stores to indicate whether an item can be purchased or not.
Black Dragons are now listed in the NPC kill tracker (Blue and Green will not be added, due the amount of different IDs)
A bank chest was added to outside area of Neitznot bank.

Summoning obelisk and a prayer altar was added to Donator Zone 2

Since many things have changed and we're using a new storage engine things may become unstable at first moment, but please have patience, any issue may be quickly solved.

Thank you all for reading and have a great week!
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Hello and welcome back to the official Grinderscape lottery
Each week or so first, the winners will be chosen at random, using a random number generator (
This lottery is community based, and all entry money goes to the week's winners, so nobody makes money off of this except for the winners.
If you end up winning, you have exactly 7 days to claim your prize; if you fail to do so, your prize will be recycled and used in the next lottery.

Each entry ticket costs 10m GP
If you would like to enter your name more than once, you may buy up to 3 tickets, each costing 10m GP.

NOTE : You can only enter with ONE account! If you enter with more than 1 account and you win a prize, you will be terminated from the lottery and we will use the prize again in a new lottery.

If you would like to enter talk to either one of these people:

 Mystery ltd
 Aa Cc Ii Dd
 K F I F
 An Old Puppy

When you talk to them about entering, pay them for the amount of entry tickets you are buying, and tell them which available number(s) you would like.
If any of the numbers you have chosen are already taken, depending on the circumstances, you will be given a new, random number.
Unless the person you have talked to has the power to edit your name into the list, they will ask someone that does.



Torva Armor Set

1st Place (a):
 25% Of The Entry Money

Donator Rank + Onyx Ring (i)

1st Place (b):
 25% Of The Entry Money

Donator Rank + Flameburst Defender

2nd Place:
 20% Of The Entry Money

Spirit Shield Set

3rd Place
 15% Of The Entry Money

Dragon Claws

4th Place
 10% Of The Entry Money

Santa Hat

5th Place
 5% Of The Entry Money

Chaotic Crossbow

Cash Pot:



Hello and welcome to Race To Max, an event that'll be held by Ridok and I.
Please make sure you read ALL of the thread properly, Especially the rules!

Objective Of The Event:

⚫️ You must start a fresh account on the given date and race to getting the accounts total level to 2178. (Max level)

How To Enter:

⚫️ Simply create your account and begin! (Read rules before starting!)

Event Note(s):

⚫️ The event starts TODAY/NOW

⚫️ This will be a long term event, so the given time to complete the race from the starting date will be 2 weeks. (14 days)

Event Rules:

⚫️ Only ONE account per player/person

⚫️ NO trading over items from other accounts. (This can be monitored, don't bother trying to cheat)
You may trade over 1-5 Ring Of Slaying rings if you have them, that is the only item you can trade to the Race account

⚫️ You CAN donate for Premium Points to buy items on THAT account.

⚫️ You CAN trade other players to buy items with money/items you have got on the race account.

⚫️ Your account name MUST have Race at the start of the account name, Example: Race Blake

⚫️ I am expecting your account to look like the one shown in the spoiler below when you start. (Name having Race at the beginning, 0XP, 31 Total Level)

What To Do When You Have Finished The Task/Event:

Once you have maxed out, I want you to open up your stats, put the date in the chatbox when you have maxed the race account and take a screenshot of the whole client, Example in Spoiler.
Private message Myself or Ridok on the forum with a screenshot shown like the one in the spoiler below.

Links To Mine And Ridoks Profiles:

⚫️ Simply click on one or both of our names and private message us the screenshot


Event Prizes:

First Place:
Abyssal Vine Whip & Torva Set

Second Place:
Custom Party Hat Set & Membership Ticket/Regular Donator

Third Place:
Torva Set & Flameburst Defender

<3 Happy Valentine’s Day... <3

Or not so happy for Pb600….. This year, poor ol’ Pb600 had his heart broken by a terrible person. All Pb wanted was to be loved this year for Valentine’s but all he got was hate and a broken heart. Now, with Pb so upset and down, he won’t be able to code new content for the server and bring us updates! All you guys have to do is find out the awful soul who broke Pb’s heart and he will start coding for us again! The Event Team and I have come up with a list of suspects who may have broken Pb’s heart.

1. Jordan
2. Greg
3. Jplayer
4. Carl
5. Niels
6. Taalq
7. Liam
8. The Mike
9. Senketsuu
10. Kay
11. Michael
12. Aa Cc Ii Dd
13. K F I F
14. Zachery/Zeno
15. Acolyte
16. Mystery Ltd
17. Sma11zplz
18. Nickedge2012
19. An Old Puppy
20. Vechtking
21. Reverzetunes
22. Blake
23. Ridok
24. Byron
25. Jake
26. Sven
27. Soccerlove
28. Max
29. Kain
30. n0 Def
31. Jordy
32. So Yontoo
33. 4 Agent 7
34. Deadlyarrow
35. Nate/Ham
36. Russ
37. Sophie/Bobbins
38. Shivhari/Le Noob
39. Eilmere/Kai
40. Pkfailure/Jesse

As our investigation goes on to find out who broke Pb’s heart, we want you to do your own investigating based on the hints we give you. Each day, we will find more and more evidence and give it to you guys to help with your own investigation. This means we will give hints and eliminate suspects each day so make sure you check the thread EVERY DAY. When you finally think you know who it is, please PM me or Zachery on the forums and tell us why you think they are the culprit. If you don’t have a good reason, we will PM you back telling you to look again at all the evidence carefully and reconsider. If you don’t receive a PM continue looking through the evidence anyways and if you believe you found the right guy, then maybe you did. But we won’t know until we finish our own investigation. Please keep in mind you only get 1 chance to guess per day/per hint. Any guesses made in addition to the first one will be ignored.


Hint #1: Through our short investigation, we have found that this person is currently active on Grinderscape and logs in regularly.

Eliminated: Eilmere/Kai, Soccerlove, Max

Hint #2: Day 2 of our investigation has discovered that our culprit is a part of a team, except we can't seem to find out which team. It could be the staff team, the development team, the event team, OMMs, we don't know! But it is an official Grinderscape team.
Eliminated: 4 Agent 7, So Yontoo, Kain, Russ, n0 def

Hint #3: Day 3 of our investigations has allowed us to narrow our and your search down to only people who log ingame regularly! Hopefully this allows an easier time for finding out who it may be what we are looking for!
Eliminated: Byron, Liam, Greg, Kay, Jordy, Taalq

Day 4 of our investigation has told us that this person actually used to be or still is affiliated with the staff team. This means they are either Ex-staff or current staff. Hopefully this narrows down the search significantly. We still need you guys to guess so we can close in on the culprit.
Eliminated: Bobbins, Shiv, Pkfailure/Jesse, Deadlyarrow

Day 5 of our investigation and we’ve had a huge break through and found out that it is definitely someone who is on the staff team, except we don’t know if it was an in-game staff member or a forum staff member. Maybe you can help us out...?
Eliminated: Nate, Sven, Jake

Day 6 of our investigation has narrowed down the search to ONLY in-game staff. Maybe people can finally give us the name we need to hear so we can catch the culprit!
Eliminated: Jordan, The Mike, Senketsuu

Day 7 of our investigation and we have discovered that it is not a Server Support member.
Eliminates: Ridok, Reversetunes, Vechtking, Blake, An Old Puppy, Sma11zplz, Nickedge2012

Day 8 has revealed that none of the admins are behind the bitter crime.
Eliminates: Niels, Carl

Day 9 of our investigation has found that none of the Elite Moderators are behind the crime either. Narrowing the suspect pool down to ONLY moderators.
Eliminates: Jplayer, Michael

Day 10 of our investigation and we finally know that this person hosts an event(s).

-The first person to give us the correct name with the evidence to back it up will receive the Pink Donator Rank for 1 year!

-The second and third person to give us the correct name with the evidence to back it up will receive the  Party Hat Rank of your choice for 1 year!

-The fourth and fifth person to give us the correct name with the evidence to back it up will receive the  Party Hat Rank of your choice for 6 month!

-Anyone else to give us the correct name with the evidence to back it up will receive one Small Item of your choice in-game.
Ingame prizes may vary from smalls to other itmes. It can range from a t set per person, to a hand cannon, to claws, to ely, to v set. It all depends how active the event is.

We will post the hints each day on this thread and at the end of our investigation we will name the top 5 winners along with all the consolation prize winners. Good Luck everyone and happy hunting!

(P.S. This story is for the event’s sake and is all hypothetical)
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I said in game already that I'm working on something awesome, will not reveal.
Guess what's ready to be released after some tests??

Wait wait guess what else!

What will the difference between an ironready and a hardcorerealeased be?
The Suffer Pl0x to get Shit is hardcorer. :hurr:
Anyways I'll put more details soon.
Got everything almost ironready to be hardcoreleased
Pet Icons, unfortunately they cannot be much better than that as Inventory images are rendered based on game models and some NPCs have multiple models that compose their body, however items don't support model merging and wouldn't be reliable to make it so, and yet the result wouldn't be much better given the fact that just a few have multiple models and yet it's not the most appealing thing, ice queen will not be added for that same reason.

* I still have a surprise update for release day * :D
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