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Explore a vast world full of unique cities, custom minigames, challenging bosses, and hidden adventures


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 Date Posted : 7/19/2014


Our development team has been working on website as it has been there for over a year without a change. After the community suggestions for the new website design we have started intergrating the pages. Not much has been left,  just doing the final touches and beta testing is going on at the moment. Furthermore, a bit of work on the server has also been done which will be written below.

- You no longer can redeem vote | donation reward from places that you cannot teleport out, like weapon game.

- A bug happening to clan chat auto ban was fixed.

- Fixed a dupe which could be used to dupe arrows.

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Great post

Commented by: sandeep99

very nice website

Commented by: sandeep99

Great job

Commented by: sandeep99

what happen to server its lagy?

Commented by: erik101


Commented by: grinerscape5

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Date posted : 7/1/2014


It has been a long time since we haven't updated anything on the game. Unfortunately, our team has been busy fixing lots of stuff in the background, but we never had the chance to update you with what is going on. However, most players won't understand what is fixed if we made a note as its all core server updates. The good news is we have made a lot of work on the server in terms of content. Let me leak out some pictures to keep you updated in what is going on.

Here are some small pics :

1) Built in wiki to add guides, view guides....etc

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Last Updated - 6/3/2014


Dear players,

We kindly request the players that are voting directly from a link not to do so. The correct way of voting is to open our voting website which can be done so by clicking on the header of the website "Vote" or accessing the grinderscape vote link directly is also fine as long as you are not opening the toplist link directly. In addition, we request players to vote more for us to keep us in the top.

We are working very hard on our updates and everyone should expect a big update to hit soon :)


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Commented by: sandeep99

Good Website

Commented by: sandeep99

abo ane

Commented by: abo ane

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