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Explore a vast world full of unique cities, custom minigames, challenging bosses, and hidden adventures


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 Last Updated - 11/1/2014


Dear players, we have some good news for you ! Yesterday, the halloween event was released. Everyone was busy, and no one could post this thread earlier. This is said to be one of the best halloween events ever created on game. A lot of people are happy and excited to see the event. Nothing is complicated, it just takes few minutes to understand how to play the event. You can watch the video in the link below. Last but not least, the items obtained from the event will no longer be tradeable after the event is done. Enjoy the SPOOKY event !!!

&nbs Read More

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je suis guay

Commented by: al1200

ta guele

Commented by: al1400

salut le guay

Commented by: al1200


Commented by: daniel50c

need help

Commented by: daniel50c

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 Last Updated - 10/23/2014

Happy Halloween 2014 for all of you grinders ! Halloween is one of the most exciting events for people, but it is also scary for others. Today, we have setup a custom spooky Halloween design on our website for every theme. We hope you enjoy the custom halloween design. The spooky trick or treat event is on it's way. Our developers are still confused what is the best content to add. It might take few more days to announce the in-game event.


Minor updates has been done in the mean time :


1) Now weapon game is Read More

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has the slayer rework been applied in game yet?

Commented by: Vacancy

Not yet, we are still working on it

Commented by: 3lou 55

great feature, I hope our members are going to use it

Commented by: Soccerlove

so excited for the halloween event! when the event is ready? and what kind of items are we going to get in this event?, the same as the last year? - i hope so!

Commented by: icecubex

Hapyy Halloween day.

Commented by: sandeep99

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 Last Updated 9-27-2014



Today we will be releasing some interesting updates, but the main reason that we are updating right now so we will be able to turn on world 3 and fix some combat issues with players. A lot of content has been worked on the Read More

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Let me see your comments in the section below guys.

Commented by: 3lou 55


Commented by: sandeep99

who can help me? plz ban star sound

Commented by: 98death9

he is scammer

Commented by: 98death9

conntact me

Commented by: 98death9

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