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Explore a vast world full of unique cities, races, guilds and dungeons


Note : You can now buy dicer rank and get it instantly on game after payment ! Click here to buy dicer rank.


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Poll Start Date 24 Mar 14

Which is your favorite minigame?

Poll Start Date 24 Mar 14

What should be redone first?

Last Updated - 12/24/2013



Merry Christmas!

It's very pleasing to see that at this very special day we still can count with your loyalty.

As you may notice in your calendar, this year is coming to an end, and nothing better than end the year with promising updates, so lets start the list!

Those updates open room for lots of new possibilities, so next year will be full of exciting changes!

I'll start straight with something big!

Field of View is now fixed! 

Oh wait, you didn't understand what I mean?

I'll explain:

Before Field of View Fix: Read More

 Last Updated - 12/9/2013


Hello GrinderScape players, 

Today I'm happy to announce that all failed donations records where payment status was "Completed" were finally inserted into our records, 
you will be able to redeem your prize for your donation in-game, from your quest tab!


 Last Updated - 11/07/2013


  • Fixed wrath prayer crashing players in a region.
  • Read More