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Which is your favorite minigame?

Poll Start Date 24 Mar 14

What should be redone first?

 Last Updated 2/18/2014


It's time for a long update notes...

Before anything we would like to thank all the Staff Team for helping us review the lots game contents, fix dialogues...etc
And a special thanks toHiddenfury; Mike; Carl; Byron; Felroy.

New Object Handlersystem:

  • Created an object handler that allow us to manage custom objects easier in the world map.
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 Last Updated - 2/21/2014


Recently we've had a problem where multiple donation records of one single donation were being inserted in our database, 
that's the reason that donations were disabled for a while.

It's all solved now and multiple records were removed, 
players that abused of the problem will Read More

 Last Updated - 2/19/2014


This month our website development team has been working hard to make our website better. We have came up with some nice results and upgrades for our website. Lets start by listing the updates that have been applied to the website.


1) New responsive design:

You are wondering what is the responsive design ? That means the website will be supporting mobile phones, androids, and tablets with a unique design which will fit into your device accordingly.

It is basically a design which can have a response from the software that you open the website from. Let's take the Iphone as a Read More