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Explore a vast world full of unique cities, races, guilds and dungeons


Note : You can now buy dicer rank and get it instantly on game after payment ! Click here to buy dicer rank.


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Poll Start Date 24 Mar 14

Which is your favorite minigame?

Poll Start Date 24 Mar 14

What should be redone first?

Last Updated - 6/3/2014


Dear players,

We kindly request the players that are voting directly from a link not to do so. The correct way of voting is to open our voting website which can be done so by clicking on the header of the website "Vote" or accessing the grinderscape vote link directly is also fine as long as you are not opening the toplist link directly. In addition, we request players to vote more for us to keep us in the top.

We are working very hard on our updates and everyone should expect a big update to hit soon :)


 Last Updated - 4/25/2014



Hello Players!

This is a great update and we suspect that some of you will like what's coming with it!  Read More

     Dear players,

We are very sorry for the downtime. It is a problem from the hosting company stating that their internet fiber wires has been cut by some fault of the workers. We have contacted them, but unfortunately they did not give us any ETA when it is going to be fixed. We have to do as it is out of hands. However, if the issue still persists, we are going to move to another hosting company within 24 extra hours. During the mean time all of our developers are working their best to develop more content, and great updates.


P.S : World 3 is now online, you might face some lagg spikes as it is hosted on a demo server tempora Read More