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Explore a vast world full of unique cities, races, guilds and dungeons


Note : You can now buy dicer rank and get it instantly on game after payment ! Click here to buy dicer rank.


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Poll Start Date 24 Mar 14

Which is your favorite minigame?

Poll Start Date 24 Mar 14

What should be redone first?

Last Updated - 3/3/2013


After the big release (Update 8#) We had to fix minor bugs that were occuring. Here is the list of what has been fixed the day after release:


You can no longer sell/buy max and completionist capes at General Shop.

Private message no longer appear with all initial letters capitalized.(On next client update)

Only Maxed players and Completionists can wear maxed/completionist capes.
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Last Updated - 3/2/2013


This is one of the biggest updates ever created on Grinderscape. We were working on this patch for over a month almost. If you can notice that the most content of this update is what players suggested which includes the minigame 'Duel Arena' with perfect staking and overall control of combat. Enjoy this massive update!



- Fully working Duel arena.

- Start and setup duel rules.

- Auto rules conflict detection; i.e: You are not able to Read More

 As most of you are aware of the duped items due to the Tasks system glitch. We restored all files and there was no rollback at all. Only what has changed is the following items got deleted from the game and you have to get them again. Most of the items are easy to get and now you can play on even a cleaner economy. As well, the cash got divided by 20 so every 2 billion turns into 100M. Nothing has actually changed as it is for all players and thus the overall prices will drop returning the same as before.