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Explore a vast world full of unique cities, custom minigames, challenging bosses, and hidden adventures


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Online User's





Last Updated - 7/8/2013


For all users who are having trouble using our client please read. If you are having your client randomly closing as soon as you try to play please do the following :

1) Before you login on game screen , turn off music.

2) As soon as you are on game, turn off everything has to do with sounds, music..etc

3) Incase this problem still occurs please us the Contact Us button and explain further.

We are glad to help you at anytime!


Last Updated - 6/27/2013


As we have promised you members, here is the amazing updates list being updated tonight. If you are using the download client please make sure to update it as the new update will require the newer client which you can download from our website. Webclient users should have no problems as it auto updates.


- Fixed ranging giving strengh xp.


- Fixed auto casting.


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 Last Updated - 6/22/2013


Hi Members,

We understand it has been a long time since we haven't updated almsot few weeks. You don't notice it but since we run our server in a special way that allow us to update it without even restarting the server. We have done a lot of minor changes in the server but never me or my web developers had time to post it on here. We always update and most of the known members know that we are online most of the day. Out of topic, don't forget to follow us on our facebook page we are informing our members with every single update and giving them some entertainment too. If you have any problems don't forget to contact us directly on admin@grinderscape.org we gurantee you will get a reply within 24 hours. Forgot this too! Forums is now being worked on!

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