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Which is your favorite minigame?

Poll Start Date 24 Mar 14

What should be redone first?

Last Updated - 3/2/2013


This is one of the biggest updates ever created on Grinderscape. We were working on this patch for over a month almost. If you can notice that the most content of this update is what players suggested which includes the minigame 'Duel Arena' with perfect staking and overall control of combat. Enjoy this massive update!



- Fully working Duel arena.

- Start and setup duel rules.

- Auto rules conflict detection; i.e: You are not able to Read More

 As most of you are aware of the duped items due to the Tasks system glitch. We restored all files and there was no rollback at all. Only what has changed is the following items got deleted from the game and you have to get them again. Most of the items are easy to get and now you can play on even a cleaner economy. As well, the cash got divided by 20 so every 2 billion turns into 100M. Nothing has actually changed as it is for all players and thus the overall prices will drop returning the same as before.


Dear players,

We have had a small bug in the new update and we are unfortunately going to just roll back to our lastest back up patch which is on Jan 19th, 2013. The economy got ruined and the only options we have is to reset items or roll back so we have chosen to rollback. We really apologize for any inconvenience caused. We are still trying our best to fix the problem as soon as possible and update you with the new patch when it is gonna be fixed.

Kindly, we don't want these rages that happen on the server. We appreciate every player who helps and contributes in cooling down the players. It is not the end of the world if you rolled back for a week. It is always for the better. Once again, we say a thank you :)

Note to all donators and dicers : All donated items that are lost during the rollback Read More