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Explore a vast world full of unique cities, custom minigames, challenging bosses, and hidden adventures


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 Last Updated - 9/24/2013



A problem causing WebClient load failure on Windows XP was fixed.
A problem causing WebClient load failure on latest java version was fixed.

Weapon Game:

A lot of changes were applied to WeaponGame mini-game.

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Dear players,

We are trying to develop some great content for our website. This time it's different, we require your idea's. We are trying to make the best updates on the website. There isn't really a lot to type here, go ahead and post any suggestion, feature, or anything you would like to see on our website. Please do not post anything that cannot be literally done or almost impossible to do.

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 Last Updated - 9/13/2013




- Applied a patch to prevent an infinite loop when using redemption, causing server to crash.
- Now staff can see the original banned account from an alternative user.

Weapon game changes:

- Weapon game now is multi combat.

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