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Explore a vast world full of unique cities, custom minigames, challenging bosses, and hidden adventures


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What do you think of a hard eco server?

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What should be redone first?

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 Last Updated 5/3/2015

Combat is one of the most important factors for a sucessful server. Good news is we are redoing combat from scatch which means everything combat related is removed on our beta server, and we started adding it again piece by piece with exact correct information. Once combat is fully redone and complete, it will be one of the best and biggest updates in Grinderscape history. Now here are some sneak peaks of what is going on :


- Redone all melee combat animations (Chop/Slash/Block/Stab)

- Exact correct sounds for hit/block weapons (Staff/Daggers/Longswords/Whip..etc)

- Redone all weapons attacking speeds.

- Perfect and easy system to handle combat Read More

Last Update - 3/16/2015


Hello grinders, we have been working on a great update all this month. We hope you enjoy it, it contains a lot of great new updates!

Object System

Created a new object system

Read More

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Hope you enjoy the update guys ! P:S : Website update coming within few days !

Commented by: 3lou 55

love all the updates but there is a few thing that need to be fixed like vls hitting 90s and some bit of walking glitchyness but other i like how you stoped the m box farmers ty for the updates

Commented by: jlg387

Thanks for your feedback; we will be working on fixing the VLS by today. Few other bugs will be fixed and applied to in-game tonight hopefully. :)

Commented by: 3lou 55

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 Last Updated 2/10/2015



Hey Dear Players, I'm coming with some updates that I hopefully think that you'll love, so lets go for it.

PK Updates


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I\\\'d like to report a bug that made me unable to play GrinderScape since 2014-12. Last time I played GrinderScape I\\\'ve decided to wander through the wilderness without any stuff equipped or in the inventory. I went to Daemonheim (east from the wilderness) and the game crashed. Since then I am no longer able to log in with my account no matter how many times I tried to log in. Please do something about it.

Commented by: NightKilla

I just think tivia have cover 120 would be the time

Commented by: joao02c11


Commented by: trol game

why want it let me play it says to update it it was just working fine till it logged me out and said that

Commented by: iiawsome357

Okay I will check it guys, thanks for reporting.

Commented by: 3lou 55

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