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Introduction - The Untouchable

The Untouchable is most likely one of the difficult bosses we have on Grinderscape. It'll most likely take you three to four trips of food if you want to solo it. It has 40,000 health points, and can hit 300 through prayer, but that's not all. It can freeze you, burn you, teleblock you, and even drain your prayer. Without prayer you might as well throw in a towel because he WILL hit a 700, that will continue to burn you.


When you are burned by this boss, it will tally up a total of 700 damage, hitting 100 per 2 seconds. So you can pretty much guarantee death if you aren't prepared. With this guide I hope to ensure you don't die, as well as remain successful in your pursuit to kill this boss.

How to get there

Use ferocious ring and teleport to Black Knight Titan


Slay a fire giant for a yellow key


Use the yellow key to head up the stairs


Once you go up the stairs, slay a few of the monsters in that part of the map till you retrieve a blue key o8wage.png

When you get a blue key drop, head back to where you first started, and climb across the monkey bars.iif9vb.png

When you swing across the monkey bars, you will have access to two bosses, Black Knight Titan, and the highlight of this guide, The Untouchable (which can be reached by walking over the ledge) txjaeh.png

Inventory / Gear

For this boss, you're going to need to farm keys. Yellow keys (dropped by Fire Giants in this map) are dropped on the first try by them, however, when you use these keys to go up the stairs, you will be facing monsters that are moderately challenging.

I suggest you farm at least 5 BLUE keys before heading to the big boss. That way if you die, you can get a key from your bank and try and loot your stuff.

If you can afford it, I suggest you wear Zuriels and a spirit shield (preferably Arcane since it protects 15% magic!)


If you cannot afford this, use full void with a spirit shield, defence shield, or even a mages' book.


For your inventory, you're going to want to have the runes that allow you to use fire wave. (Fire runes x7, Blood runes x1, Air runes x5)


For the rest of your inventory, you're going to want two restores, and one magic potion.


Making the Untouchable, touchable.

Now that you've reached the boss with the appropriate equipment and inventory, it's time to try and slay this thing.

As soon as you cross that ledge, start attacking him, while praying against magic attacks (optional)


Once you cross, use your fire wave attack and start attacking him. Now what you're going to do is stay at the edge of the ledge, just in case he freezes you and you run out of food, so you can cross back.


When the Untouchable has you burned, this is when you cross over the ledge. Make sure to watch your hp and prayer because he lowers both! If you end up running out of prayer, get out of there as quickly as possible because he will most likely DESTROY you.

When you have about 3-7 food left, get out of there if you get burned. If you get burned with 2 food less, you will most likely perish a slow and painful death. The burns hit 100's 8 times, every 2 seconds.

To kill this boss, it will take you maybe 3-4 trips of food restocking, however, if you do this with a team of three people, this boss can be easily done with no restocking necessary.

Drops (Being Edited)

The Untouchable comes at us with a brand new set of drops unseen to Grinderscape (after the reset), as well as items we have access to.

Full Primal (B)

Korasi's Sword.
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