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Poll Start Date 24 Mar 14

Which is your favorite minigame?

Poll Start Date 24 Mar 14

What should be redone first?

Last Updated - 3/2/2013


This is one of the biggest updates ever created on Grinderscape. We were working on this patch for over a month almost. If you can notice that the most content of this update is what players suggested which includes the minigame 'Duel Arena' with perfect staking and overall control of combat. Enjoy this massive update!



- Fully working Duel arena.

- Start and setup duel rules.

- Auto rules conflict detection; i.e: You are not able to disable all fight styles.

- Rules changed after one player accept maeks the rule start flashing, so you know which rule was changed.

- Confirm Screen:

- Fighting location is based on some duel settings, such as : Summoning enabled, obstacles.

You don't have to worry with inventory space, when inventory is full the reward will be placed in your bank automatically.

- Why not check if your opponent is a true warrior before staking?

- God Wars kill count interface:

- Use accent twice will instantly type two accents.

- Players are no longer able to use crowns or any <> chat commands.

- Now letters with accent will be capitalized too.

- Now Dicers have dice icon behind their private message text.

- Added Server Support rank.

- Better player punishment system.

- Support for temporary punishments (Ban/Mute/Jail) that will automatically expire.

- Now staff can right click someone to moderate (Useful with spammers/advertisers).

- You can click at "Moderate" from friends list, chat, or over player by holding CTRL;

- In case of host ban; all logged-in accounts of the banned user will be logged-out.

- Now players won't get negative task amount in Slayer.

- You can no longer take familiars to Weapon Game.

- You can now pass through energy barrier at Weapon Game.

- Boosted stats will be restored when entering at Weapon Game.

- You can only attack players with a weapon game difference lower or equal 30.

- Fixed a problem with password changer not ignoring case sensitive letters.

- Added Examine option at dicing screen, so you can see other players item names.

- We have now Two Update Servers in case a player fails to connect to one.

- Text at text field system fits better to the box if length is bigger than text area.

- If you are holding CTRL or SHIFT it will display on screen that you're holding those buttons.

- Fixed players never logging out for admins and not appearing online.

- Added Answer right click option to private messages.

- Item box of summoning ingredients now works and give you random charms.

- Pirate Jackie is back at home to teleport to you to agility arenas.

- You can't sell charms to shop anymore.

- You can't sell max cape to shop anymore.

- Clan Chat ban list is now Ordered in alphabetic order.

- You can now use any Furniture to craft amulets/rings/etc.

- Reworked on Server Object Definition system which uses 10x less memory and provide a better clipping and size detection for newer objects.

- Task "Master at Arms" can be completed outside the wild, since it is not possible to kill someone without armour at there.

- Fixed npc "Seargeant Grimspike" at Bandos chamber, now it has the correct animation and attack.

- Replaced npc "Seargeant Steelwill" attack hit turmoil graphic to the correct one.

- If you finish Fight Cave with full inventory, you will no longer lose your Fire cape, now it will be placed in bank, in case of full inventory.

- Changed Hint Icons to support different hint icons over player heads and made them flash.

- Disabled Summoning at wild, your familiar won't follow you at wild, and you're only able to take items from BoB if you are over loevel 30 of wild and are not attacking any player, so you can still use it at King black dragon.

- Fixed initial space that appear at chat when pressing shift after login, making player say command instead of use it.

- Fixed Special GFX appearing weird at first time after client starts.

- Doors no longer float over second/third floor.

- Now if a player/npc ,ove fater you click trade them, you'll follow them then automatically.

- Created a system to censor inappropriate account names during account CREATION, preventing player from losing his account in future.

- Created a system to easily change player names.

- Blocked some characters at clan chat name/welcome message that was crashing the clan chat.

- Disconnects Fix when talking and requesting a new music.

- Added all Grinder(Lou) Combat fixes back to server.

- Fixed a problem that if you get hit by some player at wild and die at boss you wouldn't be able to see your loot, now it still happens but only if your last damage received by the opponent was under 2 minutes.

- You can't attack anyone at wild if you're wearing less than 5 items.

- You can't attack staff at wild now, nor staff can attack players at wild.

- Now you can drop items during combat:, it was disabled because players could take dropped items after death, it is no longer possible to happen.

- If you drop an item during combat and you die, all dropped items will appear to your opponent and disappear to you.

- Fixed some unfair things at items kept on death.

 - Fixed double equip requirements not working.

- Added level requirements to wear: - Vesta armor, Granite Armor, Statiu's Armor, Trimmed Rune Armor, Torva Armor, Pernix Armor.

- Now whip special turn off player orb when disabling running.

- Some armors got apprimored. (Full Torva, Staff Of Light, Bandos Whip, Dragon Claws, Colored Robin Hoods, Statiu's Warhammer).

- Some armors got nerfed (Unholy Book, Damaged Book, Book of Balance, Vine Whip, Lava Whip, Black Mystic Robe, Saggitarian shortbow).

- Divine spirit shield special will protect you more often.

- Now your prayer stat update when it get decreased due the special of divine shield.

- Spirit shields special only work if damage is over 0 now.

- Changed Divine and Elysian Spirit shields special graphic.

- You must be using the correct arrow to use a bow special, so you can no longer use saggitarian bow special with onyx bolt(e) as ammo.

- Created a perfect formula for Dragon Claws special.

- Changed Saggitarian short bow special formula.

- Changed Client hot-keys to be more convenient during combat, you still can use back configurations by toggling it with F8.

- Changed wine whip special, it disable opponent running, remove their energy and hit more than a normal whip with a random chance of hitting even more, even though vine whip was nerfed it still hit really good at npcs.

- Missing a hit with thrown-able will no longer drop player arrow/bolt on ground instead of the thrown-able ammo.

- Ring of recoil no longer cast opponents vengeance.

- Retribution prayer no longer remove your prayer stats causing protect items prayer to disable.

- Deflect Missiles now protect player during pvp.

- You automatically step back if you're too close of a npc to attack.

- You will no longer get hitted by multiple NPCs at Single Area.

- Added torva effect when wearing the full Torva armor.

- Gold whip special now disable player prayer glowing, preventing player to get confuse about if it's enabled or not; The Message will only be dispalyed if you have the protect item prayer active.



To discuss any of these updates or give us any feedback you are most welcome to check the threads over here.

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