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Explore a vast world full of unique cities, custom minigames, challenging bosses, and hidden adventures


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Last Updated 6/26/2015


Hello players, 

we'd like to say that those updates were thought very lovingly in an attempt to please you all;
we're hoping you enjoy new content, and we want to give a special thanks to Byron that helped us everyday and this would have taken much longer without his help and to everyone who helped us by making useful suggestions, you will see that we paid close attention to your suggestions!

Game Rules and Punishments

We've decided to review and adjust current rules and give a second chance to most of the punished play Read More

 Last Updated 5/3/2015


Recently we've been recreating our damage system, now it's much more dynamic and properly, after some thoughts we managed to decide how to apply combat effects upon damages, and created a system that seems to be alike RS since thanks to that system now some actions behave like RS like prayer Flashing (Which wasn't really intended to)

Hitmark system was redone, it's not like RS, as RS only allow 4 hits to be displayed that causes lots of confusion, so I've decided to create my own way to display damage.
To avoid such thing:
Read More

 Last Updated 5/3/2015

Combat is one of the most important factors for a sucessful server. Good news is we are redoing combat from scatch which means everything combat related is removed on our beta server, and we started adding it again piece by piece with exact correct information. Once combat is fully redone and complete, it will be one of the best and biggest updates in Grinderscape history. Now here are some sneak peaks of what is going on :


- Redone all melee combat animations (Chop/Slash/Block/Stab)

- Exact correct sounds for hit/block weapons (Staff/Daggers/Longswords/Whip..etc)

- Redone all weapons attacking speeds.

- Perfect and easy system to handle combat Read More